Jesse talks about the TNA Orlando Screwjob from January 21st, 2010

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I am back once again with a rather, mini review of sorts, a bit of a mini rant, of what is one of the worst copies that TNA have ever done in their history of existence, even during the Impact era, nothing has been as bad and legitimately stupid as this, the TNA ORLANDO SCREWJOB.

Boy, where do I begin, AJ Styles and Kurt Angle fought for the title the Sunday before, as they were still on Thursdays, I remember that match being pretty good you know? Angle ended up losing, since he lost he could never challenge for the TNA Title for the rest of 2010 so the night later, Hogan basically gave Angle yet another rematch, all because Flair interfered at the PPV, so the match went down, it was fine, UNTIL AJ STYLES BARELY EVEN HAD THE ANKLE LOCK ON, AND EARL RINGS THE FUCKING BELL, SOUND FAMILIAR? I SHIT YOU NOT! Earl leaves the ring quickly, just like he did in 1997, so AJ and Flair, aka Shawn and Triple H, leave quickly as well, so what does Angle do? HE FUCKING GETS ALL MAD AND SHIT, SAYS HE’S GONNA GO BACK TO WWE! THAT’S TOTALLY GONNA MAKE YOUR COMPANY SEEM LIKE A THREAT, (at the time that is). This was so fucking stupid, then he spits in Hogan’s face! Just like fucking Bret did over 12 years ago in Montreal! Then, Angle got mad even more, cursed Hogan out more, saying he’d go back to WWE, which he fucking wouldn’t, even if this was a fucking shoot, Vince probably wouldn’t want him, anyways, that’s that fucking catastrophe.

I really wanna fucking know what Russo, Hogan, whoever the fuck came up with this, thought of when they were booking this, they really fucking thought that this would fucking help them and people would actually care, well it fucking didn’t! It was the most desperate thing they did! A literal copy, sure they did this in 2006, BUT IT WASN’T FUCKING LITERAL, THIS WAS COPIED MOVE BY MOVE, Gahhhhh!

What makes this worse, is that this wasn’t even the end to your show! An angle of a Bloody Eric Bischoff firing Mick Foley ended your show! Why!

Well that’s all, folks, until next time!

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