Hello! Welcome to our new co-op project Wrestlers of the Week! Canada & Australia decided to put their differences aside to work on this season of Wrestlers of the week since we felt as if we can provide a more unique list than most due to the variety of stuff we watch. So from now […]

MCW The House Always Wins Review

Buddy Matthews vs Mitch Waterman on a poster that reads "MCW The House Always Wins"

This weekend Melbourne City Wrestling ran their first event of 2023: MCW The House Always Wins! A night of wrestling action and… a lot of stuff? This is MCW’s first event since MCW 12 in November. The first thing I noticed watching this show is that the audio is significantly improved from MCW 12. Last show, the music overpowered the crowd and commentary. Crowd & commentary audio it was recorded in a Pringles can. The whole thing aspired to GCW level. Thank fuck that was fixed this time around. How is the show beyond the audio? Read on and find out!

JRH’s Bold Wrestling Predictions For 2023

Welcome to my 2023 Bold Wrestling Predictions! Every year, I give some predictions for the year that I pull completely out of my arse! The goal isn’t to simply be right by the end of the year, but to come up with the most overly specific, random things and for them to still become true! […]

JRH’s 2022 Bold Wrestling Predictions – Results

Since 2020, I have been giving bold predictions on professional wrestling. The predictions aren’t necessarily things I consider realistic, or even possible. This is just me trying to see how far I can push my guesses and still get them right. Now that 2022 is drawing to a close, here are the results for my […]

The Case For Spiros Arion – Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame 2022

It’s Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame season! The Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame is arguably the most significant Hall of Fame in wrestling, voted on by historians, writers and active & former wrestlers. Those groups get to vote on wrestler’s and non-wrestlers in different regional categories (although not based exclusively on their time in that […]

WOW: Women of Wrestling Aussie TV Deal

WOW: Women of Wrestling officially has an Australian TV partner in 10 Play. 10 Play is a free catch-up TV and on demand service in Australia operated by Network 10 (owned by Paramount). The service provides access to live & on demand content aired on TV channels owned by Network 10 (10, 10 Bold, 10 […]

Classic Wrestlers of the week #10 September 3rd-Septemper 9th 2007

Bonjour! This is week 10 of my hopefully long term series Wrestlers of the Week, Where I will be very bias every week and use these biases to decide who the best wrestler of the Cody Rhodes era The Rules are simple– The evaluation period start and ends on Monday every week (in 2007)– The […]

8 matches you should watch this week!

Bonjour! Today I am here to breakdown 8 different matches across 8 different show that you should watch this week! 1) Claudio Castangnoli vs Dax Harwood AEW Rampage This match is probably a shoe in for the most physical TV match of the week. Claudio has been killing it as ROH champion and Dax has […]

New Japan Tamashii To Be Based In Oceania

Since New Japan Pro Wrestling announced New Japan Tamashii, speculation has been rife. People have been trying to work out what it is, and more importantly where it is based. One of the leading guesses has been Oceania, given the Fale Dojo is based in New Zealand. Part of this speculation had come from Walter […]