WOW: Women of Wrestling Aussie TV Deal

WOW: Women of Wrestling officially has an Australian TV partner in 10 Play. 10 Play is a free catch-up TV and on demand service in Australia operated by Network 10 (owned by Paramount). The service provides access to live & on demand content aired on TV channels owned by Network 10 (10, 10 Bold, 10 […]

New Japan Tamashii To Be Based In Oceania

Since New Japan Pro Wrestling announced New Japan Tamashii, speculation has been rife. People have been trying to work out what it is, and more importantly where it is based. One of the leading guesses has been Oceania, given the Fale Dojo is based in New Zealand. Part of this speculation had come from Walter […]

Breaking news! Cody injured!

Yes you heard that right. Cody was found injured in his own home today at approximately 10:14pm. Cody stubbed his toe very badly and it fucking hurt. Please send your thoughts and prayers to Cody Milkman and hope his toe get’s better.

Breaking News: Goldberg to be removed after Elimination Chamber 2022

Yes this article is correct. Goldberg will finally be removed from my poster wall after WWE’s Elimination Chamber event due to me needing the space on my wall. Goldberg made it onto the wall about 5 months ago while I was on a video call with Rez and others. We wish Goldberg well in his […]

Today In Pro Wrestling for Feb 01 2022

Here is the rundown of Today In Pro Wrestling for Feb 01 2022. If you missed the list of events for yesterday, you can view those here! Have an event you want listed for today or in a future instalment? Send an email to or a Twitter DM to @PUPdotcom with the details of […]

Today In Pro Wrestling for Jan 31 2022

Introducing a new feature on Parts Unknown Press called Today in Pro Wrestling! In this feature, we will go through the wrestling events taking place or arriving to streaming services across the world on a given day. We’ll look at the cards from the big promotions as well as the world of independent wrestling. Hopefully […]

DMDU Events Schedule for 2022

Recently on their official website, Australian Promotion Deathmatch Downunder have announced their schedule for events in 2022. After their 1 Year Anniversary Roll On on February 5th and Malice At The Palais in Geelong on March 5th (originally scheduled for January), the following DMDU events are scheduled to take place: SATURDAY 12 MARCH – Arrow […]

ANDREW!!! is the nicest professional wrestler dude in the world.

Yes that’s right! ANDREW!!! is the nicest professional wrestling dude on the planet. You may ask yourself “how can I believe that” Well here are some quotes! “ANDREW!!! is such a nice guy and I love him very much” – Cody Milkman “ANDREW!!! is that one dude from IWS right? He was pretty cool!” – […]

EXPOSED!! The truth about AEW’s Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes rules and I love him. [Verse 1]Adrenaline, in my soulEvery fight out of controlDo it all to get them off their feetCrowd is here, about to blowWaitin’ for me to start the showOut the curtain, lights go up I’m home(Whoa!)And my father said, when I was youngerHard times breed better men (better men!) […]