New Japan Tamashii To Be Based In Oceania


Since New Japan Pro Wrestling announced New Japan Tamashii, speculation has been rife. People have been trying to work out what it is, and more importantly where it is based. One of the leading guesses has been Oceania, given the Fale Dojo is based in New Zealand.

Part of this speculation had come from Walter Yeates, who had done an interview with Bad Luck Fale earlier in the year. In that interview Fale stated he was interested in creating an Oceanic brand for NJPW.

Further speculation came when people discovered the Twitter account for NJPW Tamashii, which mentions NJPW Oceania in its bio.

NJPW won’t be officially announcing anything until tomorrow, but we at Parts Unknown Press can all but confirm that NJPW Tamashii is going to be running in New Zealand after finding the ticket page for an upcoming show in November which states the following:

NJPW returns to New Zealand this November with the launch of New Japan Tamashii.

This new Oceania brand looks to bring the action of New Japan Pro-Wrestling to our many fans across the ANZ region with the inaugural event kicking off with Christchurch, New Zealand on November 11.

Tickets go on sale Friday, September 9th. Visit for more information and purchase links.

Stay tuned to NJPW Tamashii social media for announcements and information. Don’t miss the return of NJPW this November!

Based on what is stated on the ticketing page, New Japan Tamashii will be operating shows in New Zealand and Australia, with operations basing out of Fale Dojo. It will be interesting to see if this operates on a similar model to NJPW STRONG, having shows featuring people based in the local dojo mixing it up with local names and main New Japan stars.

As more information comes out, we will attempt to keep you updated, although we don’t usually break news here on this website.


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