MCW The House Always Wins Review

Buddy Matthews vs Mitch Waterman on a poster that reads "MCW The House Always Wins"

This weekend Melbourne City Wrestling ran their first event of 2023: MCW The House Always Wins! A night of wrestling action and… a lot of stuff? This is MCW’s first event since MCW 12 in November. The first thing I noticed watching this show is that the audio is significantly improved from MCW 12. Last show, the music overpowered the crowd and commentary. Crowd & commentary audio it was recorded in a Pringles can. The whole thing aspired to GCW level. Thank fuck that was fixed this time around. How is the show beyond the audio? Read on and find out!

DPW Fire Episode 2 Review

DPW FIREDECEMBER 23 2021 (TAPED DEC 11.) JACKSONVILLE, NC.AIRED ON YOUTUBEREPORT BY JRH, PARTS UNKNOWN PRESS Here it is, another review of the up and coming Deadlock Pro Wrestling, with DPW Fire Episode 2. If you missed last week’s review, be sure to check it out to see my thoughts on the show. As always, […]

VCW on NITV Episode 1 Review

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DPW Fire Episode 1 Review

DPW FIREDECEMBER 16 2021 (TAPED DEC 11.) JACKSONVILLE, NC.AIRED ON YOUTUBEREPORT BY JRH, PARTS UNKNOWN PRESS After months of teasing and a whole lot of hype, DEADLOCK Pro Wrestling is finally real. DPW Fire is finally here. If you want to watch the show for yourself, it is available for free on the DPW YouTube […]

DMDU Peer Pressure From Dead People: Live Report

14:20 Deathmatch: Joel Bateman vs Will Walker A very fun opener with most of your favourite Deathmatch weapons, including a barbed wire Christmas tree. A fun back and forth which Joel won at 14:20. PosT match Walker says that Bateman has beaten him by fluke twice. He challenges him to a match in Geelong, but […]

Jesse’s WWE NXT 2.0 Review, October 12th, 2021: A New North American Champion!

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