Jesse Reviews The Hurricane and Rosey Vs The Heartthrobs, Antonio and Romeo: June 26th, 2005, Sunday Night Heat.

Here we are with a random match review! We get a promotion of Vengeance 2005, brought to you by JUICED~! The Hurricane and Rosey bring out Stacy for the occasion. We start off with Rosey and Antonio, Antonio gets a headlock in, but Rosey breaks out of it and hits him with his shoulder, Romeo runs in and gets hit as well. Romeo gets the tag, keeps working Rosey’s leg while Hurricane keeps getting told by the ref that he can’t do anything, come on, Hurricane, I though you knew better! Romeo grabs Rosey’s leg while he’s down, he tags in Antonio, Antonio goes to the top, and gets caught with the flying nothing by Rosey’s other leg! My god! Rosey makes the tag and Hurricane is in the match! Hurricane did his comeback, hits a decent crossbody on Romeo, but Antonio breaks it up! Rosey tries to help but Antonio tricks him and Rosey falls to the outside of the ring. Heartthrobs hit a Double Russian Leg Sweep, Hurricane kicks out! Heartthrobs go for their finish, but Stacy grabs Antonio’s leg for the distraction! Hurricane grabs Romeo’s legs for a rollup, Rosey hits a Clothesline and Hurricane gets the win!

FINAL OPINION: This was your typical pre show match for a PPV, it was solid, good work between both teams, I wish Heartthrobs had amounted to more because they had a good gimmick and they were decent workers as well. Two stars.