Jesse Reviews GCW Blood On The Hills! December 17th, 2021

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GCW Blood On The Hills
December 17th, 2021
Los Angeles, CA
Aired on FITE TV
Report by Jesse Davis, Parts Unknown Press

This is something different that I’m reviewing, something that I watch very little of, GCW! This time it was a very good show, for the most part that is, I missed the opener due to stream complications, so we’ll skip that and go straight to the next match! Let’s get it on!

GCW Tag Team Title Match: The Briscoes (Jay and Mark Briscoe) Vs PCO and Brody King

This match was very good, it started off decent, then just got very brutal throughout the match, Brody king wrote Die in his own blood on some doors, PCO just decided that tonight was a good night to just throw himself at damn near everything and nearly break his back each time. Briscoes did some good work here, sometimes you forget how good they really are, granted, I barely ever watched ROH so of course I forgot. Jay Briscoe went for a top rope elbow drop onto Brody King for the win, they show respect after.

WINNERS: Still GCW Tag Team Champions, The Briscoes (11:45)

Tony Deppen Vs Nick Wayne

This was a good showcase match for Nick Wayne to see how good he is, and he’s only 16 so clearly, he was really good here, so who knows how good he’ll be in 5 years. Deppen basically got most of the offense in throughout the match, Wayne did some pretty cool stuff as well. Deppen hit a top rope double stomp, Wayne still kicked out. Deppen tried everything with the knees, but Wayne still never gave up! Deppen elbowed the loving christ out of Wayne, then hit him with a running knee for the win. Decent stuff from both of these guys.

WINNER: Tony Deppen (13:04)

Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green Vs BUSSY (EFFY and Allie Katch)

Now, this was a match that was good in two ways, it was good for comedy, and it was also a well worked match between all four of these competitors. You had your basic spots for heat, Effy shoved his dick in Matt Cardona’s face, he even kissed him at one point! Cardona hit Katch with a scorpion death drop, Cardona shoved his dick into Allie Katch’s face, Austin Aries style, Cardona almost hit her with a chair, again! But, Cardona hits Chelsea with the Internet Title on accident, which caused Chelsea to start bleeding. That pretty much takes Chelsea out of the match, Cardona tries to fight Effy and Allie off, but Allie finally piledrives Cardona, the crowd was into this match the entire time, probably the most they were into, the entire show. Effy hits his own version of the Rough Ryder, or the Radio Silence, for the win. Post match, Cardona and Chelsea are sick of everything, so they quit GCW!

WINNERS: BUSSY (Effy and Allie Kat) (13:11)

ROH World Title Match: Pure Rules: Jonathan Gresham Vs AJ Gray

The match started off with Gresham wanting to shake hands with Gray, Gray simply refused to do so, because fuck Code of Honor! This is GCW! This was a very good, hard hitting match, Gray really showed how good he is here, and Gresham continues to show how good he is, the finish of the match was Gresham punching the shit out of Gray while they were down on the mat for the win, Gresham offers respect after the match, but Gray flips off Gresham and walks away.

WINNER: Still ROH World Champion, Jonathan Gresham (11:10)

Blake Christian Vs Alex Zayne

This was the match on the card, that was simply wrestling, they showcased what they could do and the crowd loved it. Blake and Zayne even went up to fight in the crowd for a little bit. Christian went for a springboard 450 but Zayne got the knees up. The match was basically all moves, which was a good thing. Christian won with an elbow to the back of the head of Zayne. After the match, Christian cuts a promo, well, tries to at least, because the mic kept fucking up, he talked about how he’s the best when it comes to whatever style you are, even if you are a pure wrestler, he calls out Jonathan Gresham, and he’s facing him for the ROH World Title at Hammerstein in January.

WINNER: Blake Christian (14:21)

Jacob Fatu Vs Matthew Justice

This is where the show took a turn at the end and never recovered, at first the match was fine, then it kind of lost me, then suddenly it’s a no contest, Starboy Charlie, who is hurt, is getting attacked by Fatu and Juicy Finau, they bring his mother in the ring, the commentators try their best to make this seem like it’s this despicable thing, when nobody in the crowd cared, and I certainly didn’t care either. They tried to get heat on Fatu, but nobody gave a fuck, they wanted to go home.


No Ropes Barbed Wire Death Match: Jordan Oliver Vs Atticus Cogar

This is a match, where I had no care whatsoever to even watch, but I decided to give it a shot, personally, it was boring, nothing cool really happened, they used the wire, but the crowd never really cared anymore and it was basically like they were fighting in front of 10 dead people who didn’t care anymore. This went on for way too long as well, it’s like Oliver and Cogar barely even planned the match so they just decided to be boring for damn near 30 minutes, they used doors, because that’s all we use here in GCW, which to me, just like if you use tables and kendo sticks more than once on the same show, then when you have special spot, it kind of makes it less special, PCO, Brody and The Briscoes did the door spots and it was way cooler than whatever they were trying for here. Oliver set a door on fire, he suplexed Cogar but he missed the door completely, so he did it again and when Cogar hit, the flame was basically gone and it was not impactful whatsoever. You would think Jordan Oliver would get his revenge right? You would think he would go over, get that babyface comeuppance, NOPE! Atticus Cogar wins as clean as a whistle, to no heat whatsoever! Nobody cared, they were just glad it was over, fuck sending the fans home happy! You get a heel victory for a match nobody gave a fuck about in the end! And I didn’t care at all, it didn’t grab me whatsoever, so, it was a bad match, to a good show.

WINNER: Atticus Cogar (28:04)

FINAL THOUGHTS: I’ve got a bad track record of watching GCW in the past, and just being bored out of my mind, but this time, it was a good show with genuine good workers! Besides the awful last two matches, everything was paced well, the crowd was into pretty much every match on the card. The best match is a tie between PCO and Brody King Vs The Briscoes or Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green Vs Effy and Allie Katch, Jonathan Gresham Vs AJ Gray is a close one too, so is Christian/Zayne, the worst match had to be Justice and Fatu for the simple fact of what the fuck was going on and what the fuck were they thinking. Anyways, I might actually watch more GCW shows! Will I love them, or hate them, or love them and hate the final two matches? Who the hell knows anymore! Until next time!

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