Cody Milkmans top 250 songs of all time (2023 edition!) Part 1/6 Honerable Mentions

Music is so cool huh? The coolest thing about it is that we can all have different taste depending on how we grew up and nobody is wrong or right when it comes to the music they listen too.. Except me, I’m 100% right and if you disagree with any of these you can go fuck yourself you low life piece of shit (joking obviously I know I have horrible taste in music)

Now onto the honorable mentions, We have 15 songs that just barley didn’t make the cut because I couldn’t justify putting them above any of the songs I have on the list and we will start with

Honorable Mention #15

Halloweenie III: Seven Days by Ashnikko

The third edition of Ashnikko’s 4 part Halloweenie songs. This one being a Halloween play on Twelve Days of Christmas lead to an extremely catchy tune that stays in your head and puts a smile on your face 🙂

Honorable Mention #14

Ha Ha You’re Dead by Green Day

This Green Day B-Side has a special place in my heart especially when I think about some of my favorite celebrates like Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth & many others.

Honorable Mention #13

Levitating by Dua Lipa

A undeniable bop that’s brought down slightly by DaBaby’s appearance in the song and if it wasn’t for him this would no doubt be on the top 250. The version without him is better but I think it’s cheating if I use that one

Honorable Mention #12

Lil Uzi Vert – Endless Fashion (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

On the same album with arguably one of the worst covers of all time Uzi dropped this banger & many others, (seriously the album was like 26 songs long.) While just barley not making the list this song will be a staple in my playlist for years to come.

Honorable Mention #11

Drown by Bring Me The Horizon

This song is just pure nostalgia from my high school days. While I much prefer Bring Me The Horizon’s Deathcore style this is one of the few songs post change that really sticks to me. That being said this music video fucking sucks lmaooo

Honorable Mention #10

Greatness or Death by Beartooth

One of the best songs on what has to be my favorite Beartooth Album. When I saw this song live I got kicked in the face too which was really cool & awesome. the emotion, the riffs, the drums & the lyrics really spoke to 19 year old me and the nostalgia I have for this whole album made this a must have on the honorable mentions list

Honorable Mention #9

Princess Diana by Ice Spice (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

One of the few songs that may have a bit of a Recency bias but as we are right now I’m listening to this song too much that I can’t not put it on this list. Nicki’s verse in the song goes soo hard and this is the best I’ve heard of Ice Spice so far.

Honorable Mention #8

Engel by Rammstein

I just really like Chikara okay? (See this is a wrestling article now). Other than the sexual assault allegations this is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Rammstein. Banger song, Banger Chikara stable.

Honorable Mention #7

Hotel California – Spanish Mix by Gipsy Kings

One of the best covers ever produced, A classic overplayed song covered in Spanish with god like instrumentals & fun vibes. I’d say much better than the original in my opinion.

Honorable Mention #6

You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid by The Offspring

A little bit overrated in my opinion but still a classic Offspring song that I will gladly jam out to any time. Top tier but not my favorite Offspring song.

Honorable Mention #5

C’est Comme Ca by Paramore

Arguably my hottest music take, this is the best Paramore song. I love misery Business but I think it’s incredibly overrated and nobody puts respect on the new album.
Honorable Mention #4

At Last by Etta James

The name sake of arguably Etta James best album, This powerful soul anthem is a stable on any playlist I make.

Honorable Mention #3

Destructo Disc by Jasiah

Shout out Danny Demanto, Yes this song is probably on my list just because of ICW.

Honorable Mention #2

Gentleman by Dorian Electra

The second Dorian Electra song I ever heard, and it justified my love for them (This will not be their only song on the list). This song was the catalyst into my Hyperpop addiction as of late.

Honorable Mention #1

Spanish Eyes by Engelbert Humperdinck

Growing up with parents that listened to this type of music basically makes this pure nostalgia for me. A banger that just barley didn’t scrape the list but is still one of the best songs released before the 90’s.

Stay on the lookout for part 2 where I cover 250-201 on the list of greatest songs of all time!