Jesse’s WWE NXT 2.0 Review: November 30th, 2021: The Go Home Show to Wargames!

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November 30th, 2021
Orlando, FLA
Aired on USA Network
Report by Jesse Davis, Parts Unknown Press

We are back after a long while, a lot has happened, Mandy Rose is champion, Ciampa is still champion, Hit Row left NXT and then they all got released! And, this is the go home show to Wargames, and Kay Lee Ray is on TV every week now and she wants to rage!

Toxic Attraction and Dakota Kai walk into the arena, and they run into Io, Kay Lee Ray, Cora and Raquel, and they all brawl!

MATCH 1: Wargames Advantage Match: Dakota Kai Vs Kay Lee Ray:

This match is starting off hot already, Dakota hit the Roll Of The Dice onto some steps, Kay Lee Ray did a very awesome Suicide Dive to the outside, just really good stuff. Dakota with a brutal double foot stomp with Kay Lee tied to the ring post. Dakota worked the leg some, Kay Lee was able to hit a KLR Bomb on Dakota onto a table. Dakota pushed Kay Lee off the ladder, Kay Lee grabbed her down from the ladder, Toxic Attraction were watching TV from an angle backstage. Kay Lee trapped Dakota, pushed her down, and she gets the win! Kay Lee Ray earns the advantage for the Women’s Wargames Match! That was very good.

WINNER: Kay Lee Ray (14:06)

We get a recap of Duke Hudson Vs Cameron Grimes from last week, Grimes challenged Hudson to a Hair Vs Hair match at Wargames this Sunday.

GYV were backstage, trying to rob the lockers of Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs, Jiro and KUSHIDA, they were told “Shhh” and they kept loudly going SHHHH, Brooks and Briggs show up, GYV run away, Jiro tells Brooks it was a “sensitive operation”

MATCH 2: Cameron Grimes Vs Andre Chase:

Quick match there, Grimes just simply beat Chase with a running foot stomp.

WINNER: Cameron Grimes (2:33)

Duke Hudson comes out, and he’s showing very badly done photoshops of Cameron Grimes being bald, this is definitely an angle that’s happening. Cameron Grimes just looks like Baron Corbin based on these photoshops. Grimes runs and grabs Chase and puts him back in the ring out of anger, wants to shave Chase, but one of his students grab Chase and walk away, Grimes then stares down Hudson.

Johnny Gargano is the chosen opponent for the Men’s Wargames Advantage Ladder Match

Carmelo Hayes, Tony D’Angelo, Trick Williams, Grayson Waller and Bron Breakker, cut a promo just trashing the babyface old dudes, this is the New Blood angle done right, that’s all I have to say. The winner and facing Johnny Gargano in a ladder match tonight, is Bron Breakker, oh god, he’s a Steiner, you’re putting a Steiner in with ladders, I’m hoping Bron doesn’t fuck up here. Gargano comes out here now, Gargano says if it wasn’t for guys like him, they won’t have a ring to stand in, Gargano calls Bron “The Big Bad Booty Nephew” and the crowd chants it, Gargano wants Bron to leave his team aside for tonight, Bron agrees to it.

MSK are in a car, driving and they are looking for their Shaman, they’ve been doing this ever since Imperium beat them weeks ago. They are finally going to meet the shaman, they open the door, and a bunch of purple bullshit comes out, and we just see some tall dude and MSK are in shock, the end.

MATCH 3: (Legado Del Fantasma) Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza (w/ Elektra Lopez and Santos Escobar) Vs Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner:

I can feel Von and Kyle losing this, and Von Wagner turning heel, the crowd don’t care to cheer this man, so you might as well turn him here. This match has been fine, nothing too exciting yet. Xyon Quinn is out here, he came to the ring during commercial. Santos and Xyon brawl to the back! Focused more on that than this match, which I don’t blame them, it’s been pretty boring, and I can tell that Kyle is checked out as well! Von Wagner did an Angle Slam, Raul did a sweet top rope dropkick at least. Joaquin and Kyle are probably doing the best work in this match, the rest is just kinda boring. Kyle and Wagner win with a variation of the Total Elimination, they go on to face Imperium for the NXT Tag Titles at Wargames on Sunday, so maybe they lose and Von turns there.

WINNERS: Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner (9:07)

Imperium are backstage, Kyle and Von stare at them, Kyle tried to be intimidating, but he failed, then Von called them “assholes”. That happened

We get a Joe Gacy promo, he’s challenging Roderick for the Cruiserweight Title at Wargames. Joe Gacy’s All Inclusive Open Challenge is next.

We have a Tiffany Stratton vignette, they just show her legs and she says something about her daddy and being rich, that was it, they never showed her face once.

MATCH 4: Joe Gacy Vs Adam Harding:

That was fucking nothing, he beat one dude and it was over, Joe Gacy wants to fight Tesha Price, and here comes Diamond Mine, Malcolm is cutting a promo, Malcolm says this is the first and last Gacy Open Challenge. Roderick got his ass kicked and Creed Brothers saved him.

WINNER: Joe Gacy (1:02)

MATCH 5: Solo Sikoa Vs Edris Enofe:

Robert Stone is out here after they make their entrances and start the match, Robert Stone is bad luck, you get your release right as you join him. What a GREAT Tilt-A-Wirl Slam by Solo Sikoa! Hell yeah! Edris is pretty impressive here, he’s done some cool maneuvers here. Edris missed the 450, Solo hits a Samoan Drop, and hits him with an Uso Splash for the win, and then FUCKING BOA~! attacks Solo, Edris saves Solo just for Boa to kick his ass and leave, that was good.

WINNER: Solo SIkoa (4:21)

Persia and Indi get a phone call, its the doctors telling Indi that Dexter is gone! Oh no! They can’t find him! Indi is distraught and now Persia has to do all the work again.

MATCH 6: Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell Vs Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon:

Indi tried to kick ass, but she was so sad, so she tagged in Persia, and Persia kicked ass, for Dexter, Persia and Indi get the win. Good angle.

WINNERS: Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell (1:58)

We get a vignette for Draco Anthony, he says his actions are louder than his words, and he was having coffee, that was it really.

MAIN EVENT: Wargames Advantage Ladder Match: Johnny Gargano Vs Bron Breakker:

There has been some solid stuff here, Bron totally no sold Gargano’s clothesline which ruled. Bron just bulldozed a ladder right onto Gargano, jesus. Bron sets Gargano on a ladder, Bron goes for a second rope dive, and Gargano moves out of the way and Bron just dies like hell. Bron wears the ladder like a hat, Gargano kicks him a couple times, Bron flips him off, Gargano kicks him some more. Bron hits the FRANKENSTEINER~! This match rules. Gargano tries for the case, Bron gets him down and catches him into a Powerslam and climbs for the win, that was an awesome match.

WINNER: Bron Breakker (14:12)


Final thoughts: I though this NXT was pretty decent, Dakota and KLR was pretty great along with Gargano and Bron. Kyle and Von won their contenders match, but I definitely see them losing at Wargames, Gargano keeps doing jobs on his way out most likely, considering he signed a contract extension for one week, so he’s most likely gone. I’m hoping Raquel, Cora, Io, Kay Lee Ray beat Toxic Attraction and Dakota Kai, considering, you need the faces to win so you can start building up your post Wargames feuds, The New Guys should definitely beat the NXT mainstays at Wargames, it’s time for the new generation to show their worth, Joe Gacy should lose to Roderick at Wargames, but I feel like he might win, we’ll see. Anyways, I’ll see you at Wargames!

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