DMDU Peer Pressure From Dead People: Live Report


14:20 Deathmatch: Joel Bateman vs Will Walker

A very fun opener with most of your favourite Deathmatch weapons, including a barbed wire Christmas tree. A fun back and forth which Joel won at 14:20.

PosT match Walker says that Bateman has beaten him by fluke twice. He challenges him to a match in Geelong, but before he can accept Mitchell Wright comes out to shit on Deathmatches and the two of them. The rest of the Anti Deathmatch Party come out for the attack. After a quick save, the lights go out. When they come back, Locky Hendricks is in the ring to say he’s there with them. As they keep beating everyone down, Locky cuts a promo shitting on the state of Australian wrestling and Deathmatches.

Scramble Match: ToNy Villani vs Roderick Valentine vs Zane Zodiac vs Mike Kaos vs Chanel Phoenix vs Emman The Kid

A fun back and forth scramble that might be one of the best I’ve seen. Great highspots, great heavy hitting stuff from Chanel, great action all around. Probably one of the most action packed matches. If you love the best GCW scrambles, you’ll love this. I feel like this one blows some of them out of the water. The match was won by Chanel at 8:10.

Ritchie Taylor vacates his belt due to injury. Says he left at age 20 and suffered a drinking problem. Says he came back and wrestling saved him, but sadly he has to leave. has one match left in him with Joel Bateman if he accepts. Matt Hayter from Adelaide comes out and shits on the fans for being bogans and alcoholics. Says that Taylor should have his last match with him, since they wrestled in Adelaide. Taylor says no to the fans approval and then they get into a figj. Ritchie says he has two in him and will fight Hayter tojgi.

Royce Chambers vs Edward dusk

A fun, quit little match. Great flippy shit from Chambers and a bunch of stiff shit. Edwards goes over in 8:00

Tyson Baxter vs Mad Dog

A fun back and forth with a compelling story. Mad Dog is one of the best in this country at getting sympathy despite being known as a hardcore legend in this country. Despite clawing his way, Tyson Baxter managed to tap Mad Dog out at 8:50

Delta vs Jake Andrewartha 13:12

Matt Hayter vs Ritchie Taylor

pOst match

Flavourtown vs Big Dude Energy vs Misspent Youth 9:19

A fun back and forth 3 way tag with a lot of chaos.. Misspent Youth go over with their awesome piledriver and stomp.

DMDY Title Gauntlet for the Gold

A very fun, well built up battle royal section. Made the bigger stars in the match look great and a big crowning achievement of that section was the continued starmaking of Delta, who was truly made tonight. The battle royal section came down to Gore and Royce Chambers. The two of them went on to have a hot almost 3 minute sprint that ended when Royce flipped like a mother fucker of the top rope for the three and to be crowned new champion at 38:23.

Post match Royce thanked the crowd, thanked his mum and his fans and said fuck you to his dad who left him at age two, which lead to a “fuck you dad” chant. Royce then enjoyed a beer and his belt as the show came to an end.


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