WOW: Women of Wrestling Aussie TV Deal

WOW: Women of Wrestling officially has an Australian TV partner in 10 Play. 10 Play is a free catch-up TV and on demand service in Australia operated by Network 10 (owned by Paramount). The service provides access to live & on demand content aired on TV channels owned by Network 10 (10, 10 Bold, 10 Peach, 10 Shake) as well as other on demand content, primarily from the Paramount family.

As of September 18th, WOW has started airing its current season on the service. Also available is every episode from the 2019 tapings. These originally aired in the US in three seasons: two in 2019 on AXS TV and one in a 12 episode dump on in 2022. On 10 Play they are all listed as Season 1.

This is not Network 10’s first time dealing with wrestling programming. Network 10 used to be the Australian home of the WWF back in the 1980s. They also aired some c-shows like Superstars in the late 1990s. Network 10’s former sports channel ONEHD was also originally planned to air the Hulkamania: Let The Battle Begin Tour in 2009. The tour never ended up airing on TV.

With this deal, WOW is now the only non-WWE wrestling content to be on an Australian service available nationwide. WWE airs Raw, NXT and SmackDown live on FOXTEL channel Fox 8 (with extra recap shows on Foxtel’s on demand service Foxtel Now). This still leaves WWE as the only wrestling company in Australia with actual TV. I would be intrigued to see if WOW gets a shot on actual TV, which would make it the only wrestling available on free-to-air.

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