Classic Wrestlers of the week #10 September 3rd-Septemper 9th 2007

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Bonjour! This is week 10 of my hopefully long term series Wrestlers of the Week, Where I will be very bias every week and use these biases to decide who the best wrestler of the Cody Rhodes era

The Rules are simple
– The evaluation period start and ends on Monday every week (in 2007)
– The higher you rank the more points you get
– You must have won a match this week to be considered for the list.
–Tag teams are typically bunched together unless one is significantly more notable than the other
– The time period is 15 years ago to the day.

People who show up on this list spread across many different shows and they will be ranked on my personal enjoyment of the match (70%) and the significance of their victories (30%).

Just a reminder our current top 10 is

1) Takeshi Morishima 28
2) El Generico 27
3) Jaki Numazawa, Roderick Strong & CIMA 19
6) Kevin Steen 18
7) Yuji Nagata, Chavo Guerrero & Bryan Danielson 16
10) Takashi Sasaki

Honorable mentions!

None! This was not a stacked week.

Now lets get onto the list!

10) Kurt Angle (TNA)

Kurt Angle earned a spot on this weeks list by retaining a world title on a very weak week. First He lost a tag match against Abyss & Jay Lethal, Then lost his tag titles to Pacman Jones & Ron Killings, Then lost clean to Jay Lethal to lose his X-Division title & then had a boring ass match with Abyss. A very boring week but he gets on the list because everyone else sucked too.

Total Points: 14 (11th place)

9) Robert Roode (TNA)

Robert Roode earned a spot on this list by having a decent I guess match against Kaz at No Surrender. A match with not much story going into it besides Traci being horned up for Kaz, THis was probably the best singles match of the PPV.

Total Points: 2 (93rd place)

8) Brian Kendrick & Paul London (RAW)

Brian Kendrick & Paul London earned a spot on this list in a weird way. They became the #1 contenders for the Tag Team Championships, won them on a WWE live event & then lost them on another live event. So a mix of the win on tv alongside an eventful live event schedule means Kendrick & London get 3 points each!

Total Points: 3 (each) (83rd place)

7) Kiyoshi Tamura (IGF)

Kiyoshi Tamura earned a spot on this weeks list by defeating Montanha Silva in a awesome comeback where he almost lost by points but got the last minute tap out in a great underdog shoot style performance.

Total Points: 4 (73rd place)

6) Team AnDrew (Andy Sumner & Drew Gulak) (CZW)

Team AnDrew earned a spot on this list by defeating Black Out Derek Frazier & Niles Young to win their first ever CZW championships together in a fun match with a basic but fun story.

Total Points: 5 (59th place)

5) Rey Mysterio (Smackdown)

Rey Mysterio earned a spot on this weeks list by defeating Chavo Guerrero in a fun I Quit match in the main event of this weeks Smackdown before getting his head squished into a fucking bloody mess. A very fun call back with a great finish and Mysterio continues his streak of being on this list since his return

Total Points: 14 (11th place)

4) GQ (CZW)

GQ earned a spot on this weeks list by first beating Brodie Lee in a tag match and then won the Chris Cash Memorial battle royal in a great match. Especially the final 3 sequence with GQ & the Olsen Twins.

Total Points: 7 (44th place)

3) Jeff Hardy (Raw)

Jeff Hardy earned a spot on this week by defeating Umaga for the IC title on Raw in a fun match. After being one of the best parts of Raw they finally put a title on him and it was a very fun moment.

Total Points: 8 (35th place)

2) Danny Havoc (CZW)

Danny Havoc earned a spot on this weeks list by winning the CZW Light heavyweight championship in an awesome 5 way ladder glass deathmatch. Defeating DieHard and Drake Younger and Joker and Scotty Vortekz after taking some sick ass bump through glass and ladders he came back to win and got some sick ass win.

Total Points: 9 (26th place)

1) CM Punk (ECW)

CM Punk earned the #1 spot on this weeks list by having an awesome match against John Morrison to win the ECW championships in the main event of this weeks ECW episode. A long time in the making and 6 bad matches before they finally had a banger.

Total Points: 10 (16th place)

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