8 matches you should watch this week!


Bonjour! Today I am here to breakdown 8 different matches across 8 different show that you should watch this week!

1) Claudio Castangnoli vs Dax Harwood AEW Rampage

This match is probably a shoe in for the most physical TV match of the week. Claudio has been killing it as ROH champion and Dax has proven that he’s an amazing singles guy as of late so this is no doubt gonna be one of the best matches of the week.

2) Scoot Andrews vs Brandon Kirk ICW No Holds Barred Volume 32

This is a match that is so what the fuck that I had to put it on this weeks list. For those of you who are not aware Scoot Andrews is an independent wrestling legend and had some crazy matches back in the day and Brandon Kirk has had some amazing matches as of late. The world title match on this show can be epic too if they let Kasey win but this is personally what I’m the most excited about.

3) Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki vs Pokotan & Demonio Uno TJPW Inspiration

This is a very interesting match. Especially given the brutal war Pokotan went through with Chris Brookes earlier this year and it’s insane how they are ready to come back and face Yuka Sakazaki of all people. Maybe if we are lucky Pokotan will get the win and be added to the Wrestle Princess main event! The possibilities are endless with this one.

4) Austin Luke, Reid Walker & Ryan Redfield vs Casanova Productions (JT Producer, Matt Viviani & Shayne Hawke) SHP And Justice For All 2

This match is the match I’m personally looking forward to the most this week because my local boys are traveling to the states to take on some of my favorite H2O students. I’m also writing this paragraph on Shayne Hawkes birthday so I hope they pick up a victory to celebrate!

5) Johnny Gargano Raw debut

Johnny Gargano will be making his long awaited return to wrestling this week and while we are not sure who his opponent is yet the possibilities for bangers are high with a stacked Raw roster. I’m personally hoping for Chad Gable but who knows! Exciting nonetheless. Just please don’t be Ciampa.

6) Carmelo Hayes defends his NXT title

Carmelo Hayes is set to defend his NXT North American championship against a fan picked opponent next week on NXT, Given how stacked the roster is I’m hoping it’s someone like Wes Lee because that would be a straight banger. It’s a high chance for greatness and a high chance to be awful and it intrigues the fuck out of me.

7) Chris Jericho vs Bryan Danielson AEW Dynamite

No i couldn’t find a better picture also I’m lazy.

Bryan Danielson looks to payback one of his only 2 unanswered losses in AEW when he goes 1v1 against Chris Jericho with the winner getting an AEW Title match against probably Jon Moxley. Danielson has a very fun story going into the AEW world title match and assuming he wins this match against Jericho.

8) Clint Margera vs Alex Colon TNT Supreme Extreme 2022

This match is part of the GCW UK tour alongside TNT. Colon looks to win the TNT title in a ladder match against Clint Margera in what I can imagine being a fucking banger. Alex Colon is one of the best deathmatches wrestlers on the planet and given what I’ve heard about Clint this should be a great match.

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