Milk’s Picks: 20 matches you should look out for this week!


There is so much wrestling this week. There was so much wrestling last week. There’s probably so much wrestling next week and that can be overwhelming when trying to decide what to watch. So I decided to rank the 20 matches I’m most looking forward too this week and if any of these sound as appealing to you as they do to me I hope you’ll watch them!

20) Cody Rhodes vs. QT Marshall

This one may be a hot take but I love QT Marshall. I think he’s playing his role perfectly. And with the added stipulation of a South Beach Strap Match this should be pretty intense. My hope is that QT picks up the win but that probably wont happen.

19) 44OH! (Atticus Cogar & Bobby Beverly & Eric Ryan) vs. The Rejects (Akira & John Wayne Murdoch & Reed Bentley)

This ones gonna be bloody as hell and I cannot wait for it. The best heel stable in all of wrestling vs The scariest stable in wrestling today. The Rejects are a bunch of tough guys who just want to fuck you up and I can’t wait to see them fuck these pussies up.

18) Lucky 13 vs. Phoenix Kidd vs. Raven Havok

This will be apart of AWR’s Asylum Deathmatch Tournament which is a 2 day event streaming live on IWTV! This match is a Light Tubes and Ladders match which in my opinion is right up Lucky 13’s ally. I don’t know much about Raven or Phoenix but Lucky 13 is my favorite wrestler of all time so I’m excited.

17) Rush vs. Bandido

This match on paper alone is stacked, but then you throw in the ROH title and what I assume is Bandido’s first American PPV main event (minus All Out) this match is gonna rule. I don’t keep up with ROH TV because I just don’t have the time too but I always catch their PPV’s and they always surprise me with some show stealing matches. This will be one of them.

16) Lucky 13 vs. Appollo Starr vs. Gnarls Garvin vs. Bobby Flaco vs. Charlie Kruel vs. Nick Wayne vs. Patrick Heeter vs. Sandra Moone

This is a fuckfest if I’ve ever seen one. I don’t know everyone in this match but the ones I do know make me so excited to watch it.
Charlie Kruel is one of those people who I want to see be the next big star in wrestling, Gnarls Garvin rules, Lucky 13 is my favorite wrestler & Bobby Flaco always puts a smile on my face. Go out of your way to check this one out you wont regret it.

15) Eric Ryan vs. Super Crazy

This match is weird as hell man but I’m so excited for it. Super Crazy is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time and to see him wrestling one of the best deathmatch wrestlers going today is such a weird but satisfying match. I cannot wait to watch this.

14) Nick Gage vs. Alex Colon

This match is gonna get bloody as fuck. Alex Colon has been asking for this match for months now. Champion vs Champion with the GCW World Title being on the line. The god of this shit vs the 3 time TOS winner. This may go down as one of the best deathmatches of all time.

13) Demonic Flamita vs. Rey Horus

So apparently Flamita is a demon now? That sounds cool as hell. And he’s gonna wrestle his former stablemate Rey Horus? That sounds cool. And it’s FREE?? That sounds cool. Everything about this match sounds cool and I can’t wait to watch this.

12) The Way (Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell) vs. Io Shirai & Zoey Stark

This week’s great American Bash is stacked but this is the one match that stood out to me as really good. I have a strong appreciation for everyone in this match. LeRae & Io is my favorite feud NXT has on at the minute, Zoey Starks is just awesome and Indi Hartwell may be my favorite wrestler on the roster. I’m excited to watch this.

11) Dysfunction vs. Neil Diamond Cutter

Another first round match on AWR’s Asylum tournament on IWTV. This match was given the Carpet Strip Fuckery stipulation and my body hurts just thinking about how much pain these 2 men are gonna put themselves through. Neil Diamond Cutter is probably my favorite deathmatch wrestler going today and Dysfunction is someone I remember watching when I was growing up. This should be fun.

10) Reed Bentley vs. AJ Gray

Do I even have to say anything? AJ Gray fucking rules and so does Reed Bentley. AJ Gray is gonna be a star weather you like it or not and I fucking like it. Redd Bentley is hard hitting as fuck and these two are gonna beat the shit out of eachother. If you like stiff wrestling and or deathmatches this may be the match for you.

9) John Wayne Murdoch vs. Justin Kyle

Both of these men are insane. To put in perspective of just how crazy these 2 are John Wayne Murdoch hit a Canadian destroyer in a barn form like 20 feet up in the air onto a flaming table & Justin Kyle broke his fac3e doing a spear like a month ago and is already back and ready t do some crazy shit. I have no idea what these 2 are gonna pull out but it’s gonna be crazy

8) Tank vs. Casanova Valentine vs. Jeff Cannonball vs. Satu Jinn

There is nothing I like more than a Home Run Derby Deathmatch. They are so much fun and they usually use my personal favorite weapon, a water jug and a giant stick. So that stipulation alone gets me excited but then you throw in 4 big boys in the match who are known for doing and taking crazy shit!? This match is gonna be so good.

7) Tony Deppen vs. Dragon Lee

If I remember correctly this is a rubber match because Dragon Lee beat Deppen the first time but then Deppen came back to win the title. I haven’t seen the second match but I remember the first match being very very good. This time the match will have a different dynamic too because Deppen has some new friends in ROH who will probably be out there watching his back.

6) Mickie Knuckles vs. Casanova Valentine

Hey have I told y’all that AWR have a 2 night Deathhmatch tournament streaming live on IWTV this weekend yet? Well they are! And y’all should watch is because of crazy matches like this one. The stipultion of this match is a “Boards of Bullshit” match which could mean literally anything. and with Casanova & Mickie being the 2 people on the planet I wouldn’t wanna get in a fight with you know that they are gonna fuck each other up .

5) Cole Radrick vs. AKIRA

This one will be contested under UWFI rules which until Paradigm came around I was not a fan of. But this company completely changed my opinion on the match stipulation and wrestling as a whole as they made me fall in love with it more than I ever have before. Paradigm is a company that I think saved my love of wrestling during the pandemic and it would mean the world to me if you want to check out all 3 of their shows streaming on IWTV this week. Speaking of Paradigm..

4) The Ody (Chris Copeland & Jack Andrews) vs. Shooters Don’t Die (Ron Bass Jr. & Freddie Hudson) vs. Creature Feature Creature Feature (Adriel Noctis & Lazarus) vs. The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch & Reed Bentley)

The Rejects are fucking busy this week and al of their matches look so good. Creature Feature is a team I feel like I’m gonna enjoy, The Ody I know I’m gonna enjoy and Shooters Don’t Die is a team that is gonna fuck some people up. The Hornet Freddie Hudson is someone that I particularly think is gonna be huge in a few years (considering he’s been wrestling for like 100 years it’s about time) & The Rejects are my favorite tag team going today.

3) Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Brandon Kirk

Neil Diamond Cutter has had nothing but bangers anywhere I’ve seen him at over the last year. He has quickly became one of the best and most beloved good guys in wrestling today. Brandon Kirk on the other hand is a despicable bad guy who likes to cheat. But despite that Brandon Kirk is a really talented individual who has had some of my favorite matches of the year so far and I think this may be on my favorites list after this is done

2) Nick Gage (c) vs. Sadika

This match scares the fuck out of me. These 2 are gonna beat each other up so badly that Nick may not even make it to Alex Colon. A friend f mine described Sadika to me as “Mexican Nick Gage” and ever since then I’ve been so excited for this match. This match is gonna be bloody, it’s gonna be brutal an it’s gonna fucking rule.

1) Mad Man Pondo vs. Jody Himself

No joke this is something I booked like maybe 4 months ago playing TEW because the idea of it made me laugh but now it’s actually happening and I could not be more excited for it. Mad Man Pondo is just one of those guys that I can’t not be happy seeing and Jody is an unsafe worker/ shitty lifeguard who also once killed a man in a match but we don’t need to talk about that. This is the match I’m looking forward to the most this week just because of how insane it is on paper.


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