Jesse’s Random Wrestling Reviews: MLW Underground 29*, January 30th, 2004

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JANUARY 30 2004 (TAPED JANUARY 9 & 10.)

Commentators: Eric Gargiulo

*Editors note: It should be noted that this originally aired in 2004 as Episode 3 of Season 2. It has since been re-aired as Episode 29 on YouTube (uploaded June 30 2021) I have chosen to keep the episode number as 29 in the title since Jesse watched the show using the MLW YouTube channel and will update that if MLW make an update.

I am back once again, but with something different, something that I’ve never really watched before! MLW! Taking a break with the TNA (and I’m using a brand new keyboard!) and reviewing something new! Let’s dive right in!

We have a video package hyping up with what looks to be the World Title feud of Shane Douglas Vs Steve Corino, This has basically recapped footage of Shane Douglas beating Jerry Lynn and Douglas beating Corino beforehand in what I presume was two years before this when he beat him. Now, we have the show intro! This is giving me a big ECW vibe, which is what MLW was trying to be!

We have Sean Naes hyping up St Valentines Day Massacre… Hey wait a minute I’ve heard that before. Anyway he’s hyping up a match between the Extreme Horsemen and The Samoan Island Tribe and a “dream partner”. Alright then, we have Sonjay Dutt Vs Chad Collyer at this show! Naes was handed a script to promote the website of Teddy Hart… is it about him going to jail? Doesn’t seem like it, but you could pay 5 dollars in 2004 to know about Teddy Hart. Why would you do that?

Los Maximos (Joel & Jose Maximo) Vs Julius Smokes & Norman Smiley

This most definitely sounds like a match for sure, let’s get to it. We start off the match with Joel Maximo and Norman Smiley, Norman went for the Big Wiggle~! but Joel escaped, so Jose missed a dropkick and got swinged! This has been a solid match so far, The Maximos have pretty much been getting their stuff in the whole time, Maximo hit Smokes with a chair and that was the finish! Wow! That was good.

WINNERS: Los Maximos

An interview with Teddy Hart, great, lovely. Hart looks like a total douchebag here and I have no idea what he was talking about besides him saying that Bret gave him the blessing to say “The Best There Is and The Best There Was” I think he’s fighting his students in a six sided ring, I don’t know.

The Stampede Bulldogs (TJ Wilson & Harry Smith) Vs The Havana Pitbulls (Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero)

Man, seeing a young Tyson Kidd and a young Harry Smith is crazy. Rocky Romero and Ricky Reyes just beat the fuck out of Jack Evans and somebody, now they are fighting The Bulldogs. Harry accidentally kicked TJ oh no! Harry Smith delivering some nice powerslams. The Bulldogs win with a Powerslam/Jumping Elbow combination! That was pretty decent, this TJ Wilson kid is going to go places.

WINNERS: The Stampede Bulldogs

PJ FRIEDMAN cuts this promo berating Norman Smiley, that’s pretty much it, okay.

Bryan Danielson Vs Teddy Hart

We start off hot here with a nice LOCKUP~! Danielson went for a Hurricanarana and got caught with an armbar! Very nice sequence there. Bryan tore Teddy’s pants and now he’s down to his underwear, damn. Bryan is kicking his ass until Hart gets in yet another armbar! Hart hurt his arm, did some top rope moves, tried to go for a Shooting Star, got caught into a Cattle Mutilation, reversed into an armbar and Danielson taps. That was fine, could have been better if it wasn’t a Teddy Hart match.

WINNER: Teddy Hart

Well that’s all for this episode of MLW Underground!

Final thoughts

This show was decent for what it was, might have to do it again, and hopefully less Teddy Hart next time.

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