Wrestlers of the week! Week 1 (Jan 1st-Jan 7th)


Hello! This is the inaugural episode of Part’s Unknown Wrestlers of the week! This is a direct ripoff of the Cultaholic series that was discontinued in 2021 therefore all the rules are the same except we will be doing a top 20 instead of a top 10!

The rules are simple!
20th place gets 1 point 19th gets 2 points and so on.
Any match that was released weather live or not will count towards the rankings! For example Pro Wrestling Grind uploaded a show on IWTV this week so everything from that show is eligible to affect the rankings!

Honorable mentions! (Everyone who was considered for this weeks list but didn’t make the cut)
Andrew Everett
Daisuke Harada
Matt Makowski
Kennedi Copeland
Marcus Mathers
Billie Starkz

Now that we got through this let’s go to #20!!

#20 AJ Gray

AJ Gray is a very late entry on the list but sure as well earned a spot on it with probably one of my favorite matches I’ve ever seen. Had a war with Tremont that would have put him high up on the list any other day of the week but with a million shows this week AJ barley squeaks in at 20.

Total points: 1

#19 Saya Kamitani

Tall Saya is one of the breakout stars of Stardom from what I’ve been told but as someone who rarely watches Stardom this was my first big match Saya experience I’ve ever had and she delivered huge in the Tokyo Dome. I plan on keeping up with Stardom this year just to see what she does next!

Total points: 2

#18 Masha Slamovich

Masha had 5 matches within the eligible time period and won 4 of them which is extremely impressive but when you break down the matches it’s even more impressive! Masha started the week with a midnight Fans Brings The Weapons match against Kimberly that was fantastic, Then less than 24 hours later had a good match against Mickie Knuckles where she picked up her second win. Then had a good match with Rip Bison the same day where she picked up her only loss of the week, Then had a match on Impact where she destroyed Sandra Moone in less than a minute and finally ended the week off last night in a deathmatch against Sawyer Wreck that was a bit short but really good!

Total Points: 3

#17 Katsuyori Shibata

This one might be a bit biased but I do not care because the wrestler is finally back! This was a match that had me sitting in my room crying at like 4am. Wasn’t Shibata’s best work but it was damn good for someone who hasn’t wrestled in years due to a horrible injury. I can’t wait to see more of Shibata in the future

Total Points #4

#16 Homicide

Homicide won what has to be one of the best indie rumble of all time and punched his ticket to wrestle Jon Moxley in the Hammerstein Ballroom! Homicide has always been awesome and I’m excited as hell for him to hopefully win the GCW World Championship

Total points: 5

#15 Shoko Nakajima

Shoko earned her #15 placement by having another banger with Hyper Misao which she won by rescuing a tiger by climbing a ladder and retrieving it. On the way took some brutal bumps on top of some Kaiju toys that looked absolutely brutal. Shoko also became #1 contender for Miyu Yamashita’s title. Highly recommend checking out the match.

Total points: 6

#14 Chris Brookes

Like Masha Chris also competed in 5 matches this week amounting to the same amount of victories as Masha. The only difference is one of Chris’s losses was in a handicap match where his team was in the disadvantage, Chris started the week by absolutely murdering Pokotan after a grueling 14 minutes, then on the same day he teamed with Antonio Honda to defeat Mei Suruga & Minoru Fujita. The next day he had 2 matches which included a great hardcore match with Suzu Suzuki and a handicap match on the same show and then he finished the week strong with a hard fought victory over Yoshihiko.

Total points: 7

#13 Alec Price

Alec Price had 4 matches this week (3 live and one taped) and won 3/4 of them including a successful title defense. Alec started his week y beating a relatively unknown wrestler named Ichiban on Wrestling Open, He then moved on to defeat JD Drake to retain his Limitless World Championship. He then lost to Matt Makowski on Pro Wrestling Grind and closed the week out by defeating Love, Doug on Wrestling Open.

Total points: 8

#12 Alex Colon

Alex Colon managed to beat John Wayne Murdoch twice in one night via ref stoppage at GCW Die For This. This is probably one of my favorite matches of all time and one of the most controversial matches in a long time. I hope they run this back to please everyone.

Total Points: 9

#11 El Desperado

Despy had a really good match against Hiromu in the Tokyo dome and successfully retained his title. Despite being in the losing end of a 6 man tag match the next day Despy still put on a star making performance and earned 10 points this week.

Total Points: 10

#10 Kenou

Kenou wrestled 3 matches this week. An amazing successful title defense against Kaito Kiyomiya. Then was on the losing team of a great 10 man tag, then had a successful title defense against Daisuke Harada and invaded New Japan on the same night! 2022 is Kenou’s year I can feel it.

Total points: 11

#9 Lucky 13

Lucky had 2 multi man hardcore/deathmatches this week and managed to win both of them. His first match was a fatal 4 way where he beat Chuck Payne, Deklan Grant and Devon Moore to retain his Danny Havoc hardocre championship. Last night Lucky managed to bump up his ranking a little bit by beating Marcus Mathers and Akira in a 3 way Tangled Web match at VxS vs NPU.

Total Points: 12

#8 Jun Kasai

Jun Kasai won big this week when Freedoms released Freedoms/Jun Kasai present Blood X-Mas 2021. Jun Kasai won the King of FREEDOMS championship by defeating Violento Jack in a Fluorescent Lighttubes Glass Board Alpha Death Match. This match was great and shows the Jun Kasai has no signs of slowing down. Go out of your way to watch this match.

Total points: 13

#7 Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy finally won gold in AEW in a great (yet cursed) main event. Despite Fenix’s gross looking injury this was still a huge moment for Jungle Boy and felt like a long time coming. I’m very excited to see what 2022 has coming for Jungle Boy

Total points: 14

#6 Miyu Yamashita

Miyu Yamashita earned the #6 position by successfully defending the Princess of Princess title at Tokyo Joshi Pro’s 1.4 show in an amazing match against Mizuki. She then challenged Shoko Nakajima to a match afterwards so 2022 is looking bright for Miyu

Total points: 15

#5 Katsuhiko Nakajima

Nakajima had 3 matches this week and only won on of them but the one match he was was a fantastic one. Nakajima had a 30 minute war with Go Shiozaki which was probably the best match of the whole week. The current GHC Heavyweight champion looks to impress in the next 12 months especially with the forbidden door opening up and working with many other promotions it could lead to some fresh challengers in the world title picture. Could this be the year we finally get Nakajima vs DOUKI? who knows.

Total points: 16

#4 Maki Itoh

Maki Itoh had a fantastic title victory over Hikari Noa at the 1.4 show. A very great story and after the year Maki Itoh had she deserved this belt more than anyone. Itoh then went to twitter and challenged Thunder Rosa and I hope this happens because it would be a great match

Total points: 17

#3 Hangman Page

Hangman Adam Page had a brutal bloodbath with Bryan Danielson this week to successfully retain his AEW world championship. This was his first win as champion and it was a damn good one. I hope to see more from Hangman this year.

Total points: 18

#2 Bron Breakker

Bron who has been wrestling for less than a year has become one of my favorite wrestlers very quickly, Bron defeated Ciampia this week and officially started off this new era of NXT 2.0. I’m super excited for the future of NXT

Total points: 19

#1 Carmelo Hayes

Carmelo became what I can only assume is the final NXT Cruiserweight champion in history and did it in a crazy match against Roderick Strong. The combination of winning a title, retaining a title and having an amazing match at the same time puts Carmelo at a solid 1st place this week!

Total Points: 20


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