Wrestlers of the Week! Week 2!


Hullo! This is week 2 of my year long series for Parts Unknown press where I give my opinion on which wrestlers stole the week and hand out points accordingly!

The rules are simple!
20th place gets 1 point 19th gets 2 points and so on.
Any match that was released weather live or not will count towards the rankings! For example DDT Ganbare uploaded 3 shows this week so everything from those shows is eligible to affect the rankings!

Now let’s get to those honorable mentions!

This was a pretty huge week so we have 9 honorable mentions today! Any one of these people could have made the list but just barley missed it.

Shun Skywalker
Shunma Katsumata
Bad Dude Tito
Josh Alexander
Dark Sheik
Tony D’Angelo
Kamen MK
Keisuke Okuda
Larado Kid

Now let’s go on to number 20!

#20 Alec Price

Alec price shows up once again with another great performance on The Wrestling Open wit a great main event victory over Dustin Waller. The Limitless Wrestling champion get’s one point to add on to his 8 he got last week.

Point total: 9

#19 Akira

Akira started the evaluation period with a very good match against Robert Martyr at On Point Wrestling. A heavily story driven match that ended with Akira picking up a important victory.

Point total: 2

#18 Yuki Yoshioka

The former R.E.D stablemate Dia Inferno took off his mask and quit the stable turned face and went back to using the name Yuki Yoshioka and used his new found momentum to become on half of the Open The Twin Gate champions and win his first ever title in pro wrestling all within 24 hours. A big 3 points for Yuki Yoshioka

Point total: 3

#17 Atticus Cogar

Cogar is a very last minute entry into this (like seriously I just watched the GCW show 20 minutes ago) but he is a well deserved entry after having one of my favorite matches of the week against Matthew Justice at GCW Most Notorious. A war all around the arena has earned Atticus Cogar 4 points on this weeks wrestlers of the week.

Point total: 4

#16 Nicole Savoy

Savoy is someone I’ve always enjoyed and was rooting for in the ROH women’s tournament so seeing her have one of the best matches I’ve ever seen her in against Masha Slamovich made me very happy. Savoy and Masha had an amazing match at West Coast Pro that y’all should check out. I hope we see a lot more of Nicole Savoy this year but for now she gets 5 points.

Total points: 5

#15 Taichi

Taichi didn’t start the week off well when Taka lost a 6 man tag for him at the New Japan vs Noah show but Taichi made up for it by having an amazing match against DOUKI at TAKATAICHIMANIA 3 in the main event. DOUKI showed up in the match but sadly the future GHC Heavyweight Champion fell short against Taichi after a near 30 minute war. Taichi scores a big 6 points this week.

Point total: 6

#14 Doudrop

I turned on Raw this week to tune into the main event because I heard Liv Morgan was in it and I was incredibly surprised by the performance of Doudrop who won the main event and became #1 contender for Becky Lynch’s title. This 3 way between Liv and Bianca was enough to get me invested in this match with Becky but also score Doudrop a nice 7 points

Point total: 7

#13 Kit Osbourne

Kit Osbourne became OPW heavyweight champion this week by having a fun deathmatch against Mike Law. This is Kit’s second run with the title and I’m excited to see where he does on future OPW shows.

Point total: 8

#12 Deonna Purrazzo

Deonna had a very up and down week starting out with losing a Impact Knockouts championship match at the main event of Hard To Kill but then winning a title vs title match on this weeks Impact and becoming ROH Women’s champion by defeating Rox-C in the main event of the show. Deonna becomes a double champion and also scores 9 points.

Total points: 9

#11 Takumi Iroha

Takumi Iroha had a good main event at Marvelous and became the first person to win the legendary AAAW title since Aja Kong in 2005. Iroha has a bright year ahead of her and starts off the year with 10 points

Total points: 10

#10 Daisuke Harada

Harada momentum was slightly halted with a loss at the New Japan vs NOAH show but then came back and won the GHC Junior Heavyweight title on the 10th by defeating HAYATA. Harada has started this year off with a lot of momentum and I’m super excited to see what’s gonna happen in the coming months

Total points: 11

#9 Britt Baker

Britt Baker started her year off right with a very fun title defense against Riho and then joined the Elites Adam Cole to start a feud with Kris Statlander and the Best Friends. Britt’s title defense against Riho was enough to score her 12 points!

Total points: 12

#8 Jonathan Gresham

Anyone that knows me knows I’m not a big Gresham guy and that I’ve never really understood his style or his gimmick but this match was the second ever Gresham match to change my opinion on him (the first one being against Josh Woods in ROH) Gresham had a great successful title defense against Chris Sabin at Impact Hard To Kill that was good enough to score him 13 points

Total points: 13

#7 Tasha Steelz

Tasha Steelz made history by winning the first ever Knockouts Ultimate X match and it was a great one too. Brutal bumps, incredible athleticism and a great winner Tasha becomes #1 contender for Mickie James and also scores 14 points

Total Points: 14

#6 Alex Colon

Alex Colon is another last minute entry onto this list as he and Hoodfoot went to fucking war with eachother in the main event and successfully defended his Ultraviolent championship. If Colon keeps to have bangers every week like this then he’s early contender for wrestler of the year but for now here’s 15 points

Total points: 24

#5 AJ Gray

AJ Gray made the list by having a banger with Juicy Finau at West Coast Pro and successfully defended his West Coast Pro title. AJ has had this company on his back for a while and with a match against Eddie Kingston booked AJ could be in the lead by the end of the month. But for now AJ get’s 16 points.

Total points: 17

#4 Trish Adora


Trish Adora successfully defended the Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling World Title against Janai Kai at Flying V Fights Back! which was uploaded and streamed on IWTV this week and it was a very good match too! I hope 2022 is gonna be a strong year for Trish Adora but for now here’s 17 points

Total points : 17

#3 Mickie James

Mickie James successfully defended the Impact Knockouts championship in the main event of Hard To Kill in an amazing match against Deonna Purrazzo. This all done right after Mickie was announced to be in this years Royal Rumble and got so much press for Impact. Basically Mickie James is the most badass person on the planet right now and she’s set to have an amazing 2022

Total Points: 18

#2 Speedball Mike Bailey

Speedball had an insane week especially since it’s the first time he’s been in the states in years. He started it by winning a 4 way at Hard 2 Kill then beat Jake Something on an episode of Impact. Speedball ended his week with a great 3 way at West coast pro where he beat Aramis and Rey Horus. Speedball having 3 amazing matches and winning all of them get’s him a great 19 points this week! But someone had a slightly crazier week…

Total points: 19

#1 Dragon Dia

Dragon Dia has had one of the craziest weeks I’ve seen in a long time, He started it on a hiatus after being unmasked due to Shun Skywalker’s selfishness came back after Shun Skywalker turned heel and fought him off, won the Open the Brave Gate Championship while holding a cool skate bored. Then the next day he becomes one half of the Open the Twin Gate champions and was on top of the world. This crazy week with a big return a new look and 2 new titles puts Dragon Dia as #1 this week and get’s him 20 points.

Total points #20

Thank you for reading! I’ll hopefully have a table set up next week so Y’all can see the rankings! for now Alex Colon sits at #1 with a 4 point lead over Dragon Dia & Carmelo Hayes


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