Wrestlers Of The Week Week 5! (Jan 29th-Feb 4th)


Hola! This is week 5 of my year long series Wrestlers of the Week, Where I will be very bias every week and use these biases to decide who the best wrestler of 2022 is!

Currently the top 5 are

1) AJ Gray 50
2) Katsuhiko Nakajima 34
3) Jonathan Gresham 30
4) Alex Colon 25
5) Carmelo Hayes, Dragon Dia, AC Mack & Reed Bentley

Here are this weeks Honorable mentions!
Queen Aminata
Yuka Sakazaki
John Wayne Murdoch
Jakob Hammermeier

20) Syuri

The current World of Stardom champion Syuri successfully defended her title at the Nagoya Supreme Fight event against Mirai and was also on the wining side of a DDM vs Oedo Tai tag team match. While I personally didn’t care much for the main event, it did the job of cementing Syuri’s place at the top of the roster, ad looks to have challenges coming from fellow stable mate Giulia and Mayu Iwatani which will surely be exciting.

Total Points: 1

19) Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate’s Brandon Watts & Randy Summers got a victory over MSP in whaty had to be my favorite tag team match of the week at GRIND Overkill on IWTV. In what I thought would be a decent match and an easy win for MSP turned into Milk Chocolate showing why they belong and putting on an incredible match

Total Points: 2

18) MJF

MJF had a nearly 40 minute match with CM Punk that while felt like it dragged for a long portion of the match, was still very good. This is also MJF’s biggest victory in AEW to date. Being the first person to beat CM Punk even if it was by bullshit. The good match and important victory gives MJF his first 3 points for the year.

Total Points: 3

17) Reed Bentley

The American Deathmatch champion By God Reed Bentley defended his title in a no ring deathmatch in New York against Masha Slamovich in front of a decent sized crowd. This wasn’t your typical deathmatch as Masha was wrestling like a All Japan’s women’s bloodbath style match and Reed Bentley took it all and gave it right back to win at the end. Here’s another 4 points to you Reed Bentley

Total Points: 24

16) Jay Freddie

Jay Freddie had a unsurprisingly great match against JD Drake at Pro Wrestling Grind’s Overkill in which he picked up a huge upset victory in my eyes and cemented himself a solid spot on this week’s wrestlers of the week.

Total Points: 5

El Gato Blaco

El Gato Blaco is the second member of IWTV’s Masked Wrestler to appear on this list. El Gato Blaco defeated the amazing gimmick of Jesterclops who turned out to be Ashton Starr to make it into the second round of this years tournament. El Gato Blaco has not revealed their identity yet so it is unknown how many points they actually have. But for now we know he has at least 6.

Total Points: 6?

14) Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch successfully defended her WWE RAW Womens”s Championship against Doudrop on WWE’s Royal Rumble event in a good match then went on to start feuding with legendary wrestler Lita. Becky’s eventful week get’s her 7 points this week!

Total Points: 7

13) Mina Shirakawa

Mina Shirakawa started the week off in a losing effort to Thelka for the SWA Undisputed World Women’s Title but then bounced back by pinning Thekla in a tag team match to put herself in line for a future title match, But also challenged Hazuki & Koguma for the Goddesses Of Stardom Championships alongside Unagi. This up and down week get’s Mina 8 poins this week

Total Points: 8

12) Atticus Cogar

Atticus Cogar had a interesting night at GCW vs Loko where he defeated Gino Medina in quick fasion then defeated Chris Carter, Jimmy Lloyd & Sadika in a steel cage deathmatch on the main event of the same show. These victories earned Cogar 9 points this week!

Total Points: 13

11) Daisuke Sasaki

The current DDT Universal champion Daisuke Sasaki sucssesfully defended his title in a main event match against Minoru Fujita and then formed a new stable DAMNATION TA after Fujita turned his back against his Chocco Pro friends. This story development has earned Sasaki 10 points!

Total Points: 10

10) Cole Radrick

Cole Radrick successfully defended his Unsanctioned Pro Heavyweight Title against great up and coming wrestler Bryan Keith at Unsanctioned Pro’s Royal Flush event (which had lovely commentary by my good friend Stepstool Sarah so you should all watch!) Cole is someone whose lined up to be a major player in the coming years for independent wrestling and I’m excited to see where this is gonna go.

Total Points: 11

9) Matt Makowski

Matt Makowski had a very eventful week after defeating Robert Martyr at Pro Wrestling Grind in a fun match, Then defeated Anthony Greene at Beyond Day 91, then stole Marcus Mathers IWTV briefcase in some major storyline development for the Beyond vs The South feud.

Total Points: 12

8) Heather Monroe

Heather Monroe won the GCW (the one from Florida) Diamond Cup by defeating Jordan Blade in the finals. A fun tournament that saw Heather picking up 3 victories on the same show.

Total Points: 13

7) Matt Cardona

Matt Cardona started the week off winning the Impact Wrestling Digital Media Championship from Jordynne Grace on this weeks episode of Impact! He then defended it against RSP at Beyond Wrestling earning him 14 points this week. At the time of writing I see that he also defended it against a *alleged* pedophile at Wrestlepro on Saturday so you probably won’t see him on next weeks list.

Total Points: 14

6) Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley earned a spot on this weeks list after having a very fun 8ish minute match with Wheeler Yuta and after having major storyline development with Bryan Danielson and potentially looking to start a new stable with him. The excitement of this new sable and the great match with Yuta get’s Moxley 15 points this week.

Total Points: 15

5) Thekla

Thekla earned a spot on this weeks list by winning the SWA Undisputed World Women’s Title at Stardom’s Nagoya Supreme Fight event in a very fun match against Mina Shirakawa but then did get pinned by Mina in a tag match. But the title win is enough to earn Thekla another 16 points on this weeks list.

Total Points: 24

4) Alec Price

Alec Price earned a very high place on this list after getting 3 wins over this week. He started by defeating Ryan Mooney at Pro Wrestling Grind in a fine match. But Alec’s week got better from there. At Wrestling Open Alec Price had a great match with Marcus Mathers that was enough for a high ranking this week. But then he had another banger with Marcus Mathers where he picked up his third victory in his best match of the week. The future is bright for Alec Price. 17 points this week!

Total Points: 26

3) Biff Busick

Biff rules and had a fucking bloodbath with Slade. Absolutely amazing.

Total Points: 18

2) Saya Kamitani

TOKYO, JAPAN – NOVEMBER 27: Saya Kamitani enters the ring during the Women’s Pro-Wrestling “Stardom” at Yoyogi National Gymnasium on November 27, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)

Saya Kamitani had probably my second favorite match of the week (#1 being Giulia & Mayu but due to the rules they aren’t eligible for the list) against Unagi Sayaka. Unagi’s wrestling has improved so much over the little bit of time I’ve been watching and Saya is probably one of my favorite wrestlers going today. The finishing sequence of this match was so much fun to watch and I recommend it for everyone reading! 19 points for Saya today.

Total Points: 21

1) Lashley

Bobby Lashley had a very fun match against Brock Lesnar at WWE’s Royal Rumble to win the WWE Championship. The combination of the achievement plus having a very good match makes Lashley this weeks Wrestler of the Week.

Total Points: 20

Thank you for reading


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