Wrestlers of the Week 8! (Feb 19th-25th)

Bonjour! This is week 8 of my year long series Wrestlers of the Week, Where I will be very bias every week and use these biases to decide who the best wrestler of 2022 is!

The Rules are simple
– The evaluation period start and ends after AEW Rampage Every Week
– The higher you rank the more points you get
– You must have won a match this week to be considered for the list.
-Tag teams are typically bunched together unless one is significantly more notable than the other

This week there was 33 shows taken into consideration in these rankings that you can find at the bottom of the article! But for now here is the top 8 wrestlers of the year so far!

1) AJ Gray 50
2) Alec Price 45
3) Speedball Mike Bailey 39
4) AC Mack 36
5) Carmelo Hayes 35
6) Katsuhiko Nakajima 34
7) Thekla 33
8) Maki Itoh & Miyu Yamashita

The honorable mentions this week are heavy due to the amount of good wrestling this week so here’s a quick rundown of everyone considered for this weeks list

Grim Reefer (JCW)
Drew McIntyre (WWE)
Ryan Rapid and Kid Valiant (DMDU)
Brock Lesnar (WWE)
Funny Bone (Prestige)
Jay White (Impact)
Great-O-Khan (NJPW)
Alex Colon (SHP)
Gore (DMDU)
Mascara Dorada (GCW)
Orin Veidt (SHP)
Jake Something (Impact)
Lucky 13 (H2O)
Jade Gargill (AEW)
Deonna Purrazzo (Impact)

Now let’s go on to #20

#20 Leyla Hirsch (BLP & AEW)

Leyla Hirsch get’s the first spot on this weeks list after having a great match against Kevin Blackwood at BLP Professional Wrestling (Mikey’s Version) against Kevin Blackwood. That along side her victory against Willow Nightingale on Dark this week is enough to get Hirsch a spot on this stacked list this week

Total Points: 1

#19 Matt Tremont (GCW & H2O)

Matt Tremont had a eventful week starting with a loss to Hoodfoot at GCW but then he bounced back and had an amazing story driven match against Atticus Cogar at H2O Barbed Wire City Showdown where he picked up an emotional victory and then set up to more down the line. Tremont also had a successful defense on the GCW Tag Team Championships and then also accepted the challenge against international deathmatch superstar Joel Bateman. Overall Tremont has had an eventful week to say the least

Total Points: 2

#18 Drexl (Prestige)

Drexl earned a spot on this list by having a great match with Taya Valkyrie at Prestige Roseland 2 (Which is a highly recommended show by the way) Drexl & Taya went to war against each other in what has to be the weirdest banger I’ve ever seen. I hope to see more of Drexl in the coming months.

Total Points: 3

#17) Reid Walker (SHP & H2O)

Reid Walker had a busy week this week. First starting off with a loss to the legendary Slim J. Then losing a 3 way to Adonis Valerio before bouncing back with a victory against Lucky 13 at Sean Henderson Promotions in a 2/3 falls match in what was one of my favorite matches of the week, Lost a 6 man tag in Wrestling Open and then ended the week with a victory over Ron Mathis at H2O. This up and down week for Reid had solid performances against all of his opponents and probably came out better than he was going in when it comes to his loses. More Reid Walker please.

Total Points: 4

#16 Evil Uno (Enjoy Wrestling)

Evil Uno had a great match this week against Edith Surreal at Enjoy Wrestling! A fun technical masterpiece between the past and the present on the Independent scene. Uno also picked up a victory on AEW Dark this week so overall Evil Uno has a lot of momentum this week.

Total Points: 5

#15 Bryan Danielson (AEW)

Bryan Danielson earned a spot on this list via violence. Him and Daniel Garcia went to war against eachother in a very violent and physical matchup that while was at least 5 minutes too short was still amazing. The match plus the story development with Jon Moxley has earned Danielson a big 6 points on this weeks list

Total Points: 24

#14 Clint Margera (TNT)

Clint Margera earned a spot on this list by winning 4 deathmatches on the same show to win the TNT DOA championship and also successfully defend the TNT title. A surprise entrance in the tournament went on to win the whole thing after his non title match earlier in the night and seems to have set up a match against Alex Colon in the future.

Total Points: 7

#13 Alex Shelley (Prestige)

Alex Shelley won a impromptu Prestige Title match against Tom Lawlor & Dalton Castle in which was a very good match that probably needed an extra few minutes but had great crowd interaction and a huge pop for Alex Shelley when he won the belt. Alex Shelley then challenged the 2 men and Speedball to a title match that is currently happening at a show in a few hours at the time of writing. Be on the lookout for that one.

Total Points: 8

#12 Bianca Belair (WWE)

Bianca Belair earned a spot on this weeks list by winning the womens Elimination Chamber match after having a fun finish sequence against Alexa Bliss then had a great match with Doudrop on Raw with a great finish where she managed to hit Doudrop with the KOD with a huge pop from the crowd. Belair looks to fight Becky Lynch in what should be the main event of Wrestlemania unless WWE are cowards.

Total Points: 9

#11 Hoodfoot (GCW)

Hoodfoot gets a spot on this list after finally picking up a bug victory this year in a GCW main event against deathmatch legend Matt Tremont at GCW Believe me. And believe me (haha get it) this was a amazing match, Lots of blood and a lot of glass. Hoodfoot is ready to go on a tear this year and I personally cannot wait for it.

Total Points: 10

#10 El Lindaman (GLEAT)

El Lindaman earns a high spont on this list after he defeated T-Hawk in an amazing match and then defeated Hayato Tamura to become the first ever G-Rex champion in GLEAT history. El Lindaman was the obvious choice to win the whole thing and I’m glad they went for it and I cannot wait to see who his first title defense will be against.

Total Points: 13

#9 JONAH (Impact)

JONAH earned a spot on this weeks list by having one of the best big boi sprints I’ve ever seen against Black Taurus in a match I can watch over and over again and never get sick of. That on top of absolutely murdering Zicky Dice on Impact TV JONAH has a lot to look forward to in the coming year for Impact. Hopefully a X-Division title run is in the works soon as well.

Total Points: 12

#8 Alec Price (JCW & Wrestling Open)

Alec Price earns a big spot on this list after having a successful weekend that includes him having one of my favorite under 8 minute matches ever. His week started with beating JJ Garrett in an okay match then moving on to a losing effort against Jordan Oliver at GCW but then redeemed himself in a huge way by having an amazing match with Tyree Taylor on this weeks Wrestling Open. I highly recommend you all go out of your way to check out this match because it was magic. Another great performance from Alec has moved him up to first place in this years leaderboard

Total Points: 58

#7 York (DMDU)

York has earned a spot on this list by having a nice bloody deathmatch against Will Walker that was a standout Deathmatch in a week that had it’s fair share of them. York came out of this looking badass as fuck and I really hope we get York vs either Callen Butcher or Alex Colon

Total Points: 14

#6 FWC (Hazuki & Koguma) (Stardom)

Hazuki & Koguma had a successful title defense against Cosmic Angels Mina Shirakawa & Unagi Sayaka At Stardom’s PPV “Cinderella Journey In Nagaoka” Which has to be in my top 5 events of the year so far. They then got challenged by Momo Watanabe in which is sure to be another banger and I cannot wait to see who her partner will be.

Total Points: 15 (Both)

#5 MV Young (Prestige & Enjoy)

MV Young had 2 victorious outings this week. First in a tag match teaming with Dark Sheik against Bussy in a good match and against Grim in a fucking Casket match that featured a lot of hard hitting and a great finish. I cannot wait to see more from MV Young in the future.

Total Points: 16

#4 Cole Radrick (JCW & GCW)

Cole had an up and down week this week in terms on wins and losses but had probably the best week in terms of In ring quality. Cole started off the week by losing to Orin Veidt in a “Toy Story” match which was great but that wasn’t the best we would see from these 2 this week. Along the way Cole beat Bryan Keith and lost to Billie Starkz before having the best deathmatch of probably the year against Orin Veidt where he picked up the huge upset win. If you haven’t watched this match please go out of your way to watch it because I promise its worth it.

Total Points: 28

#3 Kazuyuki Fujita (NOAH)

Kazuyuki Fujita earns a huge 18 points by defeating Katsuhiko Nakajima to win the GHC Heavyweight title for the first time ever in his long career. Probably the best choice to possibly win the title in my opinion as he’s the most unique wrestler they have on the roster I’m excited to see where he goes from here. His eyes are currently set on Masato Tanaka which will be a great first title defense for him.

Total Points: 18

#2 Saya Kamitani (Stardom)

Saya Kamitani sucsessfully defended her Wonder of Stardom in the main event of the Stardom PPV against a friend in Natsupoi in an amazing match that truly displayed Saya’s strength, athletic ability and just overall star power. Truly one of the best main events I’ve seen in a long time. But somehow while this match was amazing it wasn’t even the best match of the night. But for now Saya get’s 19 points

Total Points: 40

#1 AZM (Stardom)

AZM gets the number 1 spot on this weeks list with an absolutely beautiful High Speed title win against rival Starlight Kid. This match had everything I could ever want from a high speed match. Flips, dives, emotion and a fantastic title change. AZM’s win also came with some storyline development when Starlight Kid offered her mask up to AZM and she declined out of the mutual respect they just built with eachother. By far the best I’ve ever seen of these 2 and god dammit I wanna see it 10000 more times. Beautiful

Total Points: 20

Now here are the list of shows considered for this week

WWE Elimination Chamber
Impact No Surrender
H20 Barbedwire city Showdown
SHP Weekend At Sean’s 3 – Tag 1
TJPW Tokyo Joshi Winter 2022: Day 6
NJPW New Years Golden Series: Day 14
JCW Gladiator Days
Prestige Roseland
SHP Weekend at Sean’s: Night 2
BLP Professional Wrestling (Mikey’s Version)
GCW Believe Me
Deathmatch Downunder Taking Back Sunday
NJPW New Years Golden Series: Day 15
AEW Dynamite
Dragon Gate Truth Gate 2022: Day 8 – Afternoon Show
TNT DOA Death Match Tournament 2022
Dragon Gate Truth Gate 2022: Day 8 – Evening Show
GCW Don’t Tell Me What To Do
Dragon Gate Memorial Gate 2022 in Wakayama
NOAH Gain Control 2022 in Nagoya
STARDOM Cinderella Journey 2022 in Nagaoka
SEAdLINNNG Shin-Kiba Night!
Masked Wrestler
Enjoy Wrestling
Wrestling Open
H2O No Easy Way Out
AEW Rampage