Top 10 reasons I appreciate @stepstool Sarah


10) They are very cool

9) They make me laugh a lot

8) They are so much better than Ricky Meats

7) They are old and make me feel young

6) I’m running out of things to write

5) they are my best friend

4) They take actually really cool pictures

3) They are short and make me feel taller

2) They are gonna get me a work visa so I can get out of Canada

1) They send me funny dms that put smiles on my face


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Buddy Matthews vs Mitch Waterman on a poster that reads "MCW The House Always Wins"

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This weekend Melbourne City Wrestling ran their first event of 2023: MCW The House Always Wins! A night of wrestling action and… a lot of stuff? This is MCW’s first event since MCW 12 in November. The first thing I noticed watching this show is that the audio is significantly improved from MCW 12. Last show, the music overpowered the crowd and commentary. Crowd & commentary audio it was recorded in a Pringles can. The whole thing aspired to GCW level. Thank fuck that was fixed this time around. How is the show beyond the audio? Read on and find out!

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