DPW To Offer Show’s Without Commentary

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On the official DEADLOCK Patreon, the first episode of DPW Fire which aired on YouTube last week has been uploaded without commentary for patrons in the $25 a month DPW tier. In the post they stated the following:

The inaugural episode of DPW Fire with no commentary track! We all here at DEADLOCK enjoy wrestling with & without commentary tracks so we thought we would give the option to watch both options for our shows.


Based on this message, DEADLOCK seem to be planning to release all further episodes of DPW Fire and possibly future PPV/Patreon Exclusive events without commentary as a bonus feature for their patrons.

I personally feel this is a net-positive. One thing that sometimes get in the way of wrestling is commentary. In saying that, I don’t currently feel that way about DPW. I feel that a good move might be to make the commentary-free episodes of Fire available publicly. I do understand the reasoning behind making it a Patreon incentive, since they don’t yet have a backlog of PPV shows.

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