Milk’s Picks: 10 Wrestling Shows You Need to See! (January 2021 edition!)

1) FREEDOMS/Jun Kasai Produce Blood X’Mas 2020 Minus the skippable opener this show is absolutely amazing! Fujita vs Susumu was beautiful technical wrestling with some high impact moves thrown in for good measure. Kamui vs Yamashita was a really fun short title match that really showcased what Yamashita can doSasaki & Violento Jack vs The […]

YMZ The 8th Sunrise Review

YMZ THE 8TH SUNRISEJANUARY 1 2021TOKYO, JAPANAIRED ON YOUTUBEREPORT BY REALDEALJRH, PARTS UNKNOWN PRESS You’ve seen Jesse’s review of IMPACT, now it is time for my first review of the year! Not only is this my first review, but it’s also the first show I watched in 2021, YMZ’s The 8th Sunrise. For those not […]