Jesse’s WWE NXT 2.0 Review: A “Toxic” Episode!

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September 28th, 2021
Orlando, FLA
Aired on USA Network
Report by Jesse Davis, Parts Unknown Press

We start the show with Hit Row, they cut a decent promo, talked about where the ladies were, Top Dolla was being horny on main about Toxic Attraction, Legado came out, they started the match.

MATCH 1: Elektra Lopez Vs B-Fab:

This is B-Fab’s second match ever and it’s a No DQ match. The match was decent overall, B-Fab is pretty green in the ring, but she can get better through time. B-Fab took a chair bump, Elektra won with a modified Blue Thunder Bomb. Good match

WINNER: Elektra Lopez (10:05)

We cut to Dexter and Indi at the beach! They show a closeup of Dexter and his speedo, Dexter and Indi are doing honeymoon beach things, this is great, Candice and Johnny are spying on them! Johnny gets a weird flashback to his wedding and among other things, Indi calls Dexter, “sexy dexy”. Indi was in the water, and Dexter was being horny on main as some would say. They go in the water, and it’s a shark and his name is John Tent-Johnny Gargano!

We cut to Joe Gacy backstage looking professional….interesting

JOE GACY~! Is in the ring, talking about NXT being our safe space, and he’s NOT GETTING CANCELLED~! Gacy continued to talk about his generation, and a bunch of other woke  talk, He’s woke, inclusive and he won’t be cancelled baby! What a gimmick!

MATCH 2: Xyon Quinn Vs Oney Lorcan:

Oney Lorcan got his ass kicked, Xyon got most of the offense in, and won with a running Bullhammer type thing, that was fine I guess.

WINNER: Xyon Quinn (3:01)

We got a Grayson Waller vignette talking about his skydiving and him being on Survivor, he talked trash about Roderick Strong and Diamond Mine, that was fine.

MSK are out here doing an interview with Samantha Irvin, talking about the tag team division. MSK talk about the new teams and the old teams. GYV come out, say they have the right to face MSK, Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams come out, they are Bout It, Bout It, Zack Gibson is PISSED, they go on for a few minutes, UNTIL MY LONG LOST COUSIN, BROOKS JENSEN AND JOSH BRIGGS come out, Brooks cuts a promo, says whoever he sees, will get punched, so they brawl! That was a good segment.

Raquel does an interview talking about Franky Monet, Toxic Attraction walks up, Mandy Rose stares at Raquel’s title, and leaves, “Looks good on you, but it would look a lot better on me.”-Mandy Rose. Mandy stakes her claim at Raquel, more of that may very well happen.

MATCH 3: NXT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne (w/ Mandy Rose) Vs Io Shirai and Zoey Stark:

Io and Gigi started the match off, Gigi tagged in Jacy after a bit of offense.  This has been a pretty good match here, offense is equal to both teams, They brawled outside, Gigi jumped off of the top with a senton, Io did her moonsaults, high spots galore.  Zoey Stark did the Green Bay Plunge into the You Can’t Escape, tried for a Phoenix Splash, missed landed on her feet. Jacy hit a sweet elbow.  Zoey distracted Mandy while Io took out Jacy for the win. That match was very good, hopefully the feud continues. 

WINNERS: Still NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, Io Shirai and Zoey Stark (12:49)

We get a Bron Breakker vignette, talks about winning the NXT Title in the future, talks about the locker room being filled with studs, he doesn’t give a SHIT, says if you want a friend, get a dog! Bron rules already.

The commentators are with Tommaso Ciampa, via his 2007 Satellite, Ciampa is talking about Bron Breakker, says it’s going to happen sooner than later, and BRON WILL DROWN IN AN OCEAN, Ciampa threatening manslaughter here.

MATCH 4: Boa Vs Andre Chase:

Andre is wrestling in a sweater and pants against Boa, that is amazing.  Boa throws Andre out to the ring, Andre yells “you son of a bitch!” Mei Ying blows smoke in his face, Andre gets back in the ring, Boa hits a Reverse DDT on Andre Chase for the win.

WINNER: Boa (3:09)

More honeymoon stuff, Johnny Gargano was being a pervert, hiding in a closet and Dexter and Indi were pillowfighting, they fell asleep,Johnny walks away, Dexter does a thumbs up and pulls out a thing of condoms. Comedy.

MATCH 5: NXT Cruiserweight Title: Roderick Strong (w/ Diamond Mine, Malcolm Bivens, The Creed Brothers, Hachiman and Ivy Nile) Vs Grayson Waller:

Grayson runs right at Roderick to start the match. A few good sequences in the match, Grayson is pretty good and maybe he’s the only one that can pull off the Marc Mero boxing shorts. This was a pretty good match, Grayson  hit a nice Stunner, Roderick hit Grayson with a Jumping Knee for the win. 

WINNER: Still NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Roderick Strong (6:22)

LA Knight did an interview with McKenzie Mitchell, he was talking about Odyssey Jones, Odyssey came up from behind and scared him, ANDRE CHASE was yelling “THIS IS BULLSHIT” and it distracted Odyssey and Knight attacked Odyssey. That ruled.


We got a Dante Chen vignette, that’s it really.

Trey Baxter and Cora Jade interview, she said she’s going to have a match, she hopes to make NXT the Generation of Jade, Baxter says to not do the same mistake as last week, they kiss and left.

Lashing Out with Lash Legend, she buries Cora Jade and Trey Baxter for kissing, she said Ikeman Jiro is what a real man looks like, calls Andre Chase Pee Wee Herman, so that means Andre Chase beats off in adult film theatres,  that’s the end of that.

MATCH 6: Kyle O’Reilly Vs Ridge Holland:

O’Reilly attacks Ridge and Dunne during his entrance!  The match has finally happened, it was a good match, O’Reilly won via rollup, Dunne and Holland attack him until VON WAGNER makes the save, Kyle’s best friend Von Wagner!

WINNER: Kyle O’Reilly (5:24)


MAIN EVENT: NXT Women’s Championship: Raquel Gonzalez (c) Vs Franky Monet (w/ Robert Stone and Jessi Kamea):

This match has been fine, a few lockups, crowd isn’t really behind either of them. Momentum went back and forth, That match certainly happened, Raquel beat Franky clean as a whistle, not much to be said about the main event.

WINNER: Still NXT Women’s Champion, Raquel Gonzalez (6:57)

Toxic Attraction come out to the ring after, the beat down Franky, Stone and Jessi, Raquel absolutely destroys Gigi by hitting her face first with the title and she pretty much bleeds like hell, and then they beatdown Raquel, fuck Kay Lee Ray apparently because she doesn’t exist! Anyway, Mandy, Jacy and Gigi stand tall over Raquel to end the show.

Final thoughts:

I enjoyed this weeks show, I have no idea what the fuck they are going to do with Kay Lee Ray, she’s been targeting Raquel for weeks but it keeps getting put on the backburner, so who knows.  Toxic Attraction are getting a super mega push, which is fine, but man, I hope it goes well in the long run. The women’s tag match was definitely match of the night. Andre Chase continues to be entertaining as hell, Odyssey Jones is great, Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner are best friends, the hype for Bron Breakker Vs Tommaso Ciampa continues to rule. We have some decent stuff all around.

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