Jesse’s WWE NXT 2.0 Review, October 5th, 2021: Three weeks until Halloween Havoc!

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October 5th, 2021
Orlando, FLA
Aired on USA Network
Report by Jesse Davis, Parts Unknown Press

We start with a mini recap of the tag team brawls between GYV, MSK, Briggs and Jensen and Hayes and Williams.

MATCH 1: Mandy Rose Vs Ember Moon:

Mandy and Toxic Attraction come out, and these gears for Toxic Attraction sure are something, the reports were right for sure. The crowd is chanting “Fight Forever” DURING A BASIC LEG HOLD~! Mandy won with the V-Trigger, that was the end, that was fine, Jacy Jayne has a cool hat.

WINNER: Mandy Rose (w/ Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne) (4:33)

Legado cutting a promo talking about Hit Row getting drafted to Smackdown, Santos still wants the North American Title and Elektra just bragged about killing B-Fab.

MATCH 2: Odyssey Jones Vs LA Knight:

LA Knight got some offense in, tried to lift Odyssey Jones, but Jones falls right on LA Knight.  Odyssey hit Knight with a knee, ANDRE CHASE comes out to distract Odyssey, Knight hits a back Neckbreaker, Knight pins, Odyssey has his foot under the rope, but Andre pushes his foot away from the rope and Knight wins. That was brilliant stuff.

WINNER: LA Knight (4:01)

Cameron Grimes is backstage with McKenzie, talks about finding a woman because love is in the air, he’s jealous of Cora Jade and Trey Baxter, Pete Dunne is mad that Cameron Grimes is a handsome man, so he wants to fight him, Cameron then asks two women if they were single.

Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner are backstage, Wagner hates Dunne and Holland as much as he does, Kyle appreciates it, but he doesn’t need his help, very brave! And he walks away.

Ciampa is out here, he announces the return of HALLOWEEN HAVOC BABY~! He calls out Bron Breakker, Breaker is out here, says he’s got the biggest balls out of everyone in the locker room!  Ciampa and Bron will happen in three weeks time at Halloween Havoc! Ciampa walks away and pushes into Breakker. 

Joe Gacy is here backstage, talking about social media being down! Says he’s one with the righteous, he’s here to make the ring his safe space and he will RESOLVE CONFLICT IN THE RING, LIKE WHAT A WRESTLER NORMALLY SHOULD, that’s the end of that.

Indi and Persia walking outside somewhere, talking about Dexter Lumis and his “measurements”, Dexter has a 9 inch dick, or it’s his shoe size, but Indi also mentions something about two packets, so who knows what the true innuendo was. They saw smoke in a room, and it was BOA, so Boa yelled at them, they left, Indi said she’s seen freakier, Okayyy.

MATCH 3: Joe Gacy Vs Ikeman Jiro:

Joe Gacy’s gimmick is like a modern day Waylon Mercy, a politically correct version, rather, wrestles like him, too, Gacy wanted handshakes, Jiro did it just so Gacy could attack him. A few decent sequences, Jiro went for his finish, Gacy reversed and Gacy did a Handspring Lariat from the ropes in STREET CLOTHES, my god, Gacy wins. Gacy hugs Jiro after and Jiro is shocked. Gacy walks away, and sees this bald dude which seems to be Parker Boudreaux, WHY, WHY WHY

WINNER: Joe Gacy (3:08)

Cora Jade, up next! Let’s go!

Duke Hudson vignette, he’s playing POKER, making some dude go bankrupt, brilliant.

MATCH 4: Cora Jade Vs Franky Money (w/ Robert Stone):

Trey Baxter came out during the match to cheer on Cora after Franky attacked Cora’s original opponent, so Baxter came out here, Franky Monet went for the Glam Slam, and Cora rolled her up for the win! Yay!

WINNER: Cora Jade (2:09)

MSK and GYV are backstage, GYV accused them of finding another loophole to avoid them, MSK said its elimination, BRIGGS AND JENSEN walked in, Brooks said “why wait?” and punched Gibson, they started brawling, Williams and Hayes start kicking ass as well! 

Ciampa is backstage with McKenzie, talking about Bron Breakker, Joe Gacy walks up, says Ciampa puts out a lot of toxic energy, Gacy wants a title shot, he mentions something about not having balls or whatever, I tuned out on that, if he wins, he gets added, Gacy tried to hug him, Ciampa was like “nah fam”.

MATCH 5: Pete Dunne Vs Cameron Grimes:

That was a solid match, O’Reilly interfered, Holland kicked his ass, Dunne hit the Bitter End on Grimes, O’Reilly came back for more, just for Holland to drop him right on his head, Dunne and Holland stand tall.

WINNER: Pete Dunne (5:44)

Tony D’Angelo vignette! Talking about the family business! 

Hit Row is backstage talking trash about Legado, they said they aren’t running from them, they went to Smackdown for the money, Smackdown chose them, B-Fab said she will kick Elektra’s ass, something she failed to do last week btw.

During commercial, Von Wagner was helping Kyle O’Reilly to the back

MATCH 6: Tony D’Angelo Vs Malik Blade:

Tony D’Angelo with the sickest entrance ever today, the best tracksuit, this dude rules already. He tried to bribe the ref before the match! The crowd is chanting for Tony! Fuck yeah!  Vic Joseph trying to say the crowd is hyping up Blade when they ARE CONSTANTLY CHEERING FOR TONY D’ANGELO.  Tony with a nice Belly to Belly suplex.  Tony with a Northern Lights Suplex into a Fisherman Neckbreaker, that was absolutely awesome, crowd cheered for Tony all the way through, this dude is the FUTURE. He put the hat back on and the crowd were doing the hand gesture, this is amazing.

WINNER: Tony D’Angelo (4:43)

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams were backstage with McKenzie, they basically said they were Bout It, Bout It and they will become tag champions.

MATCH 7: Mei Ying (w/Boa) Vs Indi Hartwell (w/ Persia Pirotta):

Indi pretty much beat Mei Ying after a Persia Pirotta distraction, Indi hit an elbow drop off the top and she won.

WINNER: Indi Hartwell (w/ Persia Pirotta) (2:55)

LASH LEGEND is here promoting Lashing Out, Tony D’Angelo wants to be on it, she says, maybe! Lash mentions she loved him on that new Sopranos movie, POP!

Diamond Mine vignette with Malcolm Bivens promoting Hachiman and his accolades, says Hachiman can kick Tom Brady’s ass! Malcolm says Ivy Nile is debuting next week, Bivens says The Creed Brothers are his favorites!  And finally, he puts over Roderick Strong, and Roderick says this group has taken him to new heights, Diamond Mine, forever!

Raquel Gonzalez is coming out to the ring, Raquel basically talks trash about Mandy, says Mandy hasn’t done anything until a month ago, Mandy comes out, gets what chants, does the whole say what if I’m not the hottest ever, going to drive that into the ground, Gigi gets on the mic, says her, Jacy and Mandy are championship material.  Jacy says Raquel has been living under a rock, they are the stars of NXT, Jacy said, they aren’t only just Toxic Attraction, they are The Attraction.  They get on the rope, getting ready to attack Raquel, Io and Zoey Stark run into the ring, Toxic Attraction, simply, back away and leave. That was fine.

Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner were backstage, Wagner is the only one who has Kyle’s back, no matter if he likes it or not.

Io, Zoey and Raquel, Raquel didn’t need their help, Io and Zoey are basically like their enemy is our enemy, Indi and Persia want a shot at the titles, Zoey points out that they beat Io, Persia says there is new blood in the water!”The only gold you will ever wear is on your hand and in your ears.”-Io Shirai  Ciampa/Gacy, O’Reilly/Wagner Vs Dunne/Holland, Swerve/Escobar, NXT North American Title match, all announced next week, solid stuff.

MAIN EVENT: NXT Tag Team Championship Match: MSK (Nash Carter and Wes Lee) Vs Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake and Zack Gibson) Vs Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams Vs Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen:

This will be an elimination match, so I will only write about the eliminations that happen.  Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are the first ones to be eliminated by MSK! GYV have been eliminated by Briggs and Jensen, good lord, they are really about to win this, oh so now, the crowd decides to chant for MSK, good lord. Wes Lee rolls up Jensen to get the win, they are mad but hand MSK the titles, they walk away, Imperium attack MSK from behind, it’s like some things never change, Brooks and Briggs chase off Imperium to end the show.

WINNERS: Still NXT Tag Team Champions, MSK (Nash Carter and Wes Lee) (12:33)

Final thoughts

This was an enjoyable show this week, it’d be funny after all of this Toxic Attraction push, Mandy just simply loses to Raquel, Cora Jade won which is awesome to see and I hope I see more of it, I smell a Von Wagner heel turn coming pretty soon, maybe Ciampa turns too, but we’ll see, oh, and no Kay Lee Ray, once again, this is getting me worried that they are dropping her push or something. MSK and Imperium is like going back to square one, GYV keep getting screwed over, Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs are most definitely probably winning the tag titles at some point, Hayes and Williams, I don’t know what’s next for them.  Io and Zoey Vs Gigi and Jacy or Indi and Persia should be some fun matches, anyways, that’s all I have, until next week!

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