Wrestlers Of The Week Week 4! (January 22-29th)

Hola! This is week 4 of my year long series Wrestlers of the Week, Where I will be very bias every week and use these biases to decide who the best wrestler of 2022 is!

Currently the top 5 are

1) Katsuhiko Nakajima 34
2) AJ Gray 33
3) Jonathan Gresham 30
4) Alex Colon 25
5) Carmelo Hayes, Dragon Dia & AC Mack

This week the only Honorable Mention we have this week is Gringo Loco!

Now let’s get into the rankings!

20) Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy makes it number 20 on this list by doing nothing. All jokes aside Orange Cassidy had a great Lights Out main event with Adam Cole on this weeks Dynamite that has earned him a spot in this weeks top 20.

Total points: 1

19) Colby Corino

Colby Corino makes another appearance on this list after having an amazing deathmatch against Brandon Kirk at ICW:NHB. This was a huge storyline driven match that ended with Colby finally getting out of his own head and picking up an important victory.

Total Points; 5

18) Big fn Joe

Big Joe is a big hairy British man who wrestles in what looks like tight white underwear and is somehow one of the coolest wrestlers in the UK. Big Joe gets his spot from his appearance at ICW:NHB this week defeating Hoodfoot in a bloodbath. Big Joe looks to make more of a splash in America in the coming months and I’m excited to see what he does next.

Total Points: 3

17) Kento Miyahara

Kento Miyahara earned a spot on the list this week by defeating Suwama & Ryuki Honda in the same day to become Triple Crown Champion once again. The matches were good but not great but the accomplishment is worth the points on this weeks Wrestlers of the Week

Total Points: 4

16) Devon Moore

Devon Moore just like Kento won 2 matches on the same night to become champion, But Devon lost his immediately but looked amazing in the process. Devon Moore’s performance in the fatal 4 way was enough to score him some points even though his loss dose knock him down a few spots.

Total Points: 5

15) Maze

Some people that read the name maze might think I’m talking about some bald man with good tweets and a cute face, but in actuality we are talking about Masked Wrestler competitor Maze. Maze, who we don’t know the identity of and will have to retroactively give points to had a great performance against a masked Janai Kai in the competition and moved on to the semi finals of season 2 of The Masked Wrestler. The good performance get’s whoever this wrestler is 6 points!

Total Points 6?

14) Spike Trivet

Spike Trivet earned a spot on this weeks list when he got LOST IN THE MUNNYVERSE in a match against Gene Munny at WRESTLING RESURGENCE – BRING ME THE MASK OF CARA NOIR (all caps because I’m lazy). THis had to be one of the best comedy matches I’ve seen on the independents since Orange Cassidy’s IWTV title reign. The mix of good wrestlig and making me laugh, along with strong commentary helping me get invested in the story makes Spike Trivet best UK competitor this week

Total Points: 7

13) Thekla

Thekla gets a spot this week after Stardom released a bunch of shows with her wrestling on it this week. Thekla has had a strong showing in all of her Stardom apperiances since the start of the year and knowing what happens on last nights Stardom show, expect Thekla to show up on this list a lot more this year.

Total Points: 8

12) Jeff Jarrett

Some of you that know me know how highly I think of Jeff Jarrett. But I promise this is only about 64.31 % biased when I rank him this high. Jeff Jarrett had a very fun match at GCW Hammerstein against Effy where he won with a sick stroke with the guitar. I loved this match and I hope to see more

Total Points: 9

11) Masaaki Mochizuki

Masaaki Mochizuki along side his fellow M’s Alliance members were victorious against Kongo this week. The reason Masaaki Mochizuki get’s a spot on this weeks list and the other members don’t is Mochizuki pinned Masakatsu Funaki and basically confirmed himself to be the first challenger for Funaki’s GHC National Championship.

Total Points: 10

10) Dante Leon

Dante Leon had a very up and down week. He started it by losing to Gabriel Skye, then lost a scramble to Grim Reefer then he retained his Loko title against AKIRA in an amazing match. (Technically this happened first but was only released of Monday) Dante shows that he can use his high flying style against a technical deathmatch dude and it still ruled. I hope to see more from Dante and Loko Wrestling this year.

Total Points: 11

9) Sadika

Another pick from Loko Wrestling Sadika had a brutal main event Mask vs Hair deathmatch against Mickie Knuckles. This was a match that took place in a wood ring with no matts and featured a lot of blood. This seems to be the blowoff of this feud and if it is this was a great way to end it.

Total Points 12

8) Solo Sikoa

Solo Sikoa had one of my favorite matches of the week against Boa in a no DQ Falls Count Anywhere match that had some smart wrestling, cool looks and a great top rope splash on the outside through a table to win the match. I loved this match. I can’t wait to see more of this dude in the coming weeks.

Total Points: 13

7) Vinny Pacifico

Vinny Pacifico made the list this week after wrestling for over an hour at Pro Wrestling Magic. He first had a 16 minute match against Davey Richards where the winner would get a spot in the Chad Adams Memorial Rumble, then was told the match is starting right now and he was number 1. He then went on to win that rumble after 45 minutes and earns a high spot on this weeks wrestlers of the week!

Total Points: 14

6) Nick Gage

Nick Gage is the highest rated tag team competitor this week after making a huge comeback to win the GCW Tag Titles with Matt Tremont against The Briscoes. The match was okay I guess but the moment was magical. Nick Gage ended the show with the crowd on their feet and wrestlers all over the ring all chanting MDK and it was beautiful.

Total Points: 15

5) Takashi Sugiura

Takashi Sugiura started the week off in a losing team against the M’s Alliance but came back after having an absolute banger and the best match of the week against Go Shiozaki at day 2 of NOAH’s Higher Ground. THis match was 20 solid minutes of brutal chops and beautiful wrestling. I can’t wait to see more of these 2 when Go wins his title back.

Total Points: 16

4) AJ Gray

AJ Gray now becomes the only person to show up every week on wrestlers of the week and moves up to #1 after jumping off a ladder into another ladder and still winning a fun Ladder match. The GCW Extreme champion has a MITB type ring that he could use at any moment and I’m desperately hoping this is the year he becomes GCW world champion.

Total Points: 50

3) Masakatsu Funaki

Funaki earned this spot in about 3 minutes and 58 seconds when he beat Kenou for the GHC National Title. This match was looking to be a normal match and just ended out of nowhere and I fucking loved it. Funaki then lost in the 6 man tag that we mentioned earlier which moved him from #1 to 3. But either way Funaki & Mochizuki is gonna fuck hard

Total Points: 18

2) Charli Evans

Charlie Evans earned a spot on this weeks list after defeating Cara Noir at Resurgence. She also picked up a victory over Lana Austin in a match I didn’t watch but I’m sure was great considering both rule. Charli Evans makes her first important UK appearance a good one with a banger.

Total Points: 19

1) Reed Bentley

Reed Bentley earned the #1 spot this week after ending the long title reign of John Wayne Murdoch. Bentley becomes only the second person to win the ICW Deathmatch Title. 18 minutes of solid deathmatch action plus a historical moment in American deathmatch history makes Reed Bentley #1 on this weeks Wrestlers Of The Week.

Total Points #20