Wrestlers of the Week 7! (Feb 11th-18th)

Bonjour! This is week 7 of my year long series Wrestlers of the Week, Where I will be very bias every week and use these biases to decide who the best wrestler of 2022 is!

The Rules are simple
– The evaluation period start and ends after AEW Rampage Every Week
– The higher you rank the more points you get
– You must have won a match this week to be considered for the list.
-Tag teams are typically bunched together unless one is significantly more notable than the other

This week there was 22 shows taken into consideration in these rankings that you can find at the bottom of the article! But for now here is the top 7 wrestlers of the year so far!

1) AJ Gray 50
2) Speedball Mike Bailey 39
3) Katsuhiko Nakajima 34
4) Maki Itoh & Miyu Yamashita 31
6) Jonathan Gresham 30
7) AC Mack 28

There isn’t a lot of honorable mentions this week but the 3 people I can think of that I thought almost deserved a spot on the list this week are:
Jay White (AEW)
Antonio Zambrano (Wrestling Open)
Powerhouse Hobbs (AEW)

Now let’s go on to #20

#20 Jay Malachi (VxS)

Jay Malachi was a shocking last minute entry into this list when he had a pre show match against Jackson Drake in a match where I knew nobody coming into it and left wanting to know more about both of them. This was just 2 young kids who were given a platform and did wonders with it. I hope to see more of them the coming months

Total Points: 1

#19 Jimmy Lloyd (VxS)

Jimmy Lloyd turned 24 this week and decided to celebrate it by defeating Matt Tremont in a decent No Ropes Barbed Wire Deathmatch against Matt Tremont at his VxS birthday show. Blood, glass and shouting what else can you ask for on your birthday?

Total Points: 2

#18 Pete Dunne (NXT)

Pete Dunne earned a spot on this list by winning a “Weaponized Steel Cage” match against Tony D’Angelo in the opener of Vengeance Day in a pretty fun match with smart wrestling and made Pete Dunne look rad as hell.

Total Points: 3

#17 MSP (Aiden Aggro & The DangerKid) (Let’s Wrestle)

MSP earned a spot on this weeks list after having a very very good match at Let’s Wrestle Volume 15 against a relatively unknown team in The Haven. MSP haven been a favorite of mine for about a year and I’m so glad I can finally throw them on this list for having a good match. I hope to see more from them for the remainder of the year.

Total Points: 4

#16 PCO (VxS)

PCO got a spot on this weeks list after having a brutal showdown against Matthew Justice where I’m sure both men walked out with an insane amount of CTE. PCO picked up the victory in the end of this very fun match and got his fist 5 points this year!

Total Points: 5

#15 Mac Daniels (Let’s Wrestle)

Mac Daniels earned a spot on this weeks list by winning The Let’s Wrestle Let’s Rumble Match to win the Let’s Wrestle Title. This was a very fun rumble match considering I only knew about 65% of the competitors and I left wanting to know more about some of them including Mac Daniels. I’m interested to see where he goes from here.

Total Points: 6

#14 Giulia (Stardom)

Giulia is an interesting entry on this list because her match actually fucking sucked. Like one of the most boring 6 women tags that Stardom has done in a while. But Giulia after winning the match for her team actually stole a stablemate (Mai Sakurai) from her arch rival Tam Nakano in a very surprising and emotional moment that left all of the Cosmic Angels in tears. The swerve has added another layer on top of an already semi personal feud and her actions were enough to forgive the match and earn a spot on this weeks list.

Total Points: 7

#13 AC Mack (WWR+)

AC Mack has earned another spot on Wrestlers of the week after not only defending his IWTV title against Willow Nightingale but also earning the rights to the Beyond Wrestling hit show “Uncharted Territory” and bring it to the Southeast to continue this very fun feud between Southeast & Beyond Wrestling.

Total Points: 36

#12 Thekla (Stardom)

Thekla has earned another spot on this list after not only being on Giulia’s team in the whole stable warfare angle but also defeating Saki Kashima in a decent SWA Title defense in the main event of Stardom’s KBS Hall show on the 13th.

Total Points: 33

#11 Jimmy Lyon (H2O)

Chondo got with the green and defeated my second favorite wretler of all time Green Phantom and Chuck Pain in a thumbtack deathmatch at H2O Undiscovered this week. This came off as a very important win for Chondo because not only did he defeate former H2O champion Chuck Pain but he pinned a legend in Green Phantom.

Total Points: 10


EVIL earned a spot in this match by having a great title defense against Ishii was the right amount of chaos that a Lumberjack match should be. I thought this match would be awful because the do not have good recent history against each other but I was pleasantly surprised.

Total Points: 11

#9 Callen Butcher (DMDU)

Callen Butcher defeated Vixsin to retain the DMDU Deathmatch Title at DMDU’s Roll On event. This was a very good match that was followed by a challenge from Butcher to Alex Colon which was accepted and will take place in the near future. I am personally very excited to see that match

Total Points: 12

#8 Effy (VxS)

Effy is fine despite bleeding a lot in a very brutal but fun match against the Zombie Princess Jimmy Jacobs. This was 15 minutes of these 2 just killing eachother that would have only been better if the crowd fucking gave a shit. But despite the fans not really reacting at all this match was one of my favorites of the week.

Total Points: 13

#7 Minoru Fujita (Freedoms)

Minoru Fujita defeated Rina Yamashita at the FREEDOMS Go Beyond The Limit 2022 event in a Glass Hell Deathmatch. Not as good as I expected between these 2 but still enough to earn Fujita a high spot on this weeks list after picking up the big victory.

Total Points: 14

#6 Carmelo Hayes (NXT 2.0)

The first ever wrestler of the week earned another high spot on this list after defeating Cameron Grimes in a very very good match to retain his NXT North American Championship in a pretty shocking victory as I thought he would for sure lose. another great match get Carmelo more points this week.

Total points: 35

#5 The Creed Brothers (NXT.2.O)

The Creed Brothers earned a spot on this weeks list by winning the mens Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament 2022 in what I found to be a great match against MSK. Brutus Creed & Julius Creed have been my favorite thing about NXT since the rebrand and I couldn’t be happier to see them getting the accomplishments they deserve with a huge win this week.

Total Points: 16

#4 Daisuke Masaoka (FREEDOMS)

Daisuke Masaoka earned a spot this week by having a very good deathmatch against Takayuki Ueki to become #1 contender for the King of FREEDOM World Title. The match labeled as a Lighttubes & Concrete War Death Match certainly delivered as there was a ton of blood and some great action.

Total Points: 17

#3 Bryan Danielson (AEW)

Bryan Danielson earned a spot on this weeks list by having an all timer match against Lee Moriarty on this weeks AEW Dynamite. This was everything I like in technical wrestling, plus the story of experience vs youth and Lee desperately trying to earn Danielson’s respect.

Total Points: 18

#2 Alec Price (Let’s Wrestle & VxS)

Alec Price earned a spot on this week after having a good Limitless world title defense against Wrestling Open standout Channing Thomas at the Let’s Wrestle event that aired on IWTV this week but then also had a beautiful match on the VxS pre show against Reid Walker where they took eachother to hell and back and Alec picked up a much deserved victory. 2 great matches + a world title match probably would put him #1 any other week but this week #1 is saved for someone a little more special.

Total Points: 19

#1 Ritchie Taylor (DMDU)

Ritchie Taylor earned this spot this week after defeating Joel Bateman in Ritchie Taylor’s retirement match. The first ever DMDU champion ended his career less than a year later going against the boss and picked up the win and got a very good and emotional sendoff. Thank you Ritchie Taylor.

Total Points: 20

Here are the list of shows that were taken into consideration this week.

OZ Academy Complete Control
SKPW Game Over
Warrior Wrestling 19
DDT Ultimate Tag League 2022 In Osaka!!
NJPW New Years Golden Series: Day 9
FREEDOMS Go Beyond The Limit 2022
WWR+ Galentine’s Day Massacre
DDT FREE -February- Ultimate Tag League 2022 in SHINJUKU!
Let’s Wrestle Volume 15: Let’s Rumble
Masked Wrestler
Deathmatch Downunder “Roll On”
AEW Dynamite
Stardom Cinderella Journey 2022 in Osaka
Paradigm UWFI Contenders
Enjoy Wrestling: Striking Distance S4/Ep2
Stardom (13.02.2022)
Prominence pre-launching battle ~ defeat ~
AEW Rampage
VxS Jimmy Lloyd’s American Wasteland