Jesse’s TNA IMPACT Review: February 17th, 2011

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Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz

We start off with a quick recap of Against All Odds which saw Jeff Jarrett beat Kurt Angle via cheat pin, we saw Jeff Hardy win back the TNA World Title and they as well, announced tonight’s main event being Jeff Hardy Vs RVD.


They go on about Against All Odds and how you can take Fortune out of Immortal, but you can’t take greatness out of Jeff Hardy, then Bischoff goes on about Gunner, Murphy and Rob Terry, praises them but then says Beer Money and Steiner were the better men, through all of this, they showed Flair roaming backstage and no one noticed until Bischoff started talking about him, then Flair came out, Flair mentions his third ex-wife, comparing Bischoff to her, Flair said he’s god and the crowd started chanting “GOD! GOD! GOD!”. Flair kept wooing and gesturing to women to meet him at the hotel, that ended that segment. It was a solid segment overall, got the point across.

Now we cut to Karen and Jeff Jarrett getting MASSAGES~!, they just bury Kurt Angle during this, said he should be proud to walk Karen out to the ring on March 3rd, that’s all that really happened here.

Matt Hardy gets attacked by Styles backstage, who then got attacked by Gunner and Murphy, and then Kaz and Beer Money saved him and then Steiner showed up and they all brawled, that’s all really.

Doug Williams Vs Hernadez (w/Sarita & Rosita)

Hernandez attacked Doug Williams from behind while Williams was heading to the ring, the match started, then Sarita and Rosita got attacked by Velvet Sky and Angelina Love, they brawled to the back, Williams was already downed enough, so Hernandez throws him around and then hits the Border Toss right on his neck and Hernandez wins, that was a nothing first match.

WINNER: Hernandez (2:00)

Bischoff tries to call the Network to get Jeff out of his title match with RVD, and it doesn’t work, because it’s all about “ratings” and Jeff must wrestle, christ.

The Pope is out here……with a dead hog on the table and he called it Sloppy Joe, yeah this segment was awful, Pope did say something funny though, “Ronald Reagan believes in me, Michael Jackson believes in me, Jesus called me, he believes in me too”, brilliant. Joe came out and so did Okato, and Joe Muscle Buster’d Pope through the HOG Table, That was bad.

X Division Championship: Frankie Kazarian (c) Vs Robbie E (w/Cookie)

Robbie E and Cookie cut a bad promo, that’s about it. Tenay announces during this that Sarita and Rosita Vs Beautiful People is scheduled for later, This match was solid until Cookie interfered and hit Kaz with a purse. LAME, and then Traci Brooks makes the save and attacks Cookie, that part was fine I guess.

WINNER: Kazarian by DQ, remains X Division Champion (1:55)

Flair is backstage with Fortune, he hyped them up and everything, Flair gives them beers and they have a chugging contest, well Flair and Beer Money do, AJ wants no part of it, that was a fun segment.

AJ Styles Vs Matt Hardy

AJ did a dive to the outside to start the match, a few minutes later Flair came out, he was cheering on AJ, and then a little later, AJ was going for a top rope move, and Flair pushed him off, Matt won with the TWIST OF HATE~! for the win. Flair and Hardy beat down AJ until Fortune made the save, that’s how they have Flair side with Bischoff, lame.

WINNER: Matt Hardy (3:20)

Karen and Jeff are doing some stuff again, that’s all really.

Mr. Anderson came out here and called out Bischoff, Anderson was mad that RVD is facing Jeff for the title and not him. Anderson told Bischoff if the Network wants ratings, then put him in the main event, then Bischoff said it’s because of his language and he needs to “PG himself down” and Anderson says he won’t use the word asshole anymore, and Bischoff doesn’t like the word asshole?!?!?!. YES. Bischoff then makes Anderson the referee for RVD Vs Hardy, he agrees, and then he Mic Checks Bischoff. This segment ruled.

Beautiful People and Winter had a segment, yeah it was whatever, that’s all

Sarita & Rosita Vs Beautiful People

That wasn’t really anything all that special, it was fine I guess, Sarita cheated to pin Velvet by having Rosita hold her feet on the rope, Velvet cuts a promo at the end challenging Sarita to a match where no one interferes, and Sarita wants Velvet to put her career on the line, fine I guess.

WINNER: Rosita and Sarita (4:25)

More Karen and Jeff shenanigans, Kurt Angle is caught outside and he says he’s going to their dinner party.

A TNA Eliminate The Hate AD, Anderson, Angle, Styles, Hardy, Jarrett and others say to stop bullying, racism, etc, I assume this was a thing to do because WWE had Stand Up With WWE and B.A. Star.

A video showing RVD winning the title, and then dying by Abyss, then showing Jeff turn on RVD and Anderson, solid vignette getting RVD and Hardy tonight hyped up.

Jeff and Karen got shit wine and beat by Kurt Angle in a restaurant, that’s all.

Taz and Tenay say that Bully Ray putting D-Von’s sons through a table was so awful that Spike refused to show it, so Bully Ray comes out and confronts Taz, Taz said he crossed the line and to walk away, Bully finally walks away. That was a decent angle.

TNA World Heavyweight Title: RVD Vs Jeff Hardy (c) [Special Referee Mr. Anderson]

The match starts and a bit into the match, Tenay announces for next week, Ric Flair Vs AJ Styles, what’s with TNA announcing shit during matches tonight, damn. That was quite a solid main event for the TNA Title, Hardy hit the Twist Of Hate on RVD and Anderson reluctantly counted the pin for the win. Anderson hits the Mic Check on Hardy after the match! RVD talks to Anderson cause Anderson never saw the low blow, so Anderson Mic Checks him too.

WINNER: Jeff Hardy, still TNA World Champion, (12:10)

That was a solid ending to a meh show overall.

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