Jesse’s Random Wrestling Reviews: WWF RAW, April 17th, 1995

APRIL 17 2011 (TAPED APRIL 3.)

Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz

The show starts with a recap of Sid joining the Million Dollar Corporation on Action Zone, which also happened on Wrestling Challenge, with two different commentators and Kama beating a different jobber than he did on Challenge, and they recap it on RAW.

Jean Pierre LaFitte Vs Duke “The Dumpster” Droese

This was a solid match, a few cool sequences, a bit long, but matches were like that back in 1995 cause they had to fill an hour, this is Jean’s RAW debut as well. Duke misses a top rope splash and LaFitte hits a sidewalk slam and hits a Swanton off the top for the win, that was a decent match.

WINNER: Jean-Pierre LaFitte by pinfall (10:41)

Bob Backlund ON SPRING BREAK~! I’m sick of seeing this because I’m watching all four shows like a moron and they aired this same vignette on all shows, and Backlund keeps moving the cameraman to focus on him each time constantly and it gives me a headache each time.

Doink The Clown (w/Dink!) Vs Roy Raymond

Doink is still employed, alright then, Lawler promoting Duckman again, great. The world has surpassed the need for Doink The Clown squash matches here in 2021, this match sucks, go away Matt Borne or Lombardi, I don’t know. Doink hit the “Whoopie Cushion” distracted the ref so Dink could hit one, that sucked.

WINNER: Doink The Clown by pinfall (3:20)

Big Todd Pettengill with the In Your House report, just reviews the show, that’s all really, Diesel Vs Sid for the WWF Title too! Oh, and the WWF is selling this nice house too.

WWF Tag Team Title Match: 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly Vs Owen Hart & Yokozuna (c) (w/ James E. Cornette & Mr. Fuji)

This was an okay match, Yokozuna bumping for Bob Holly is something I didn’t think I would see at all, but it happened, bless. Owen and Yoko spent most of the match beating the crap out of Bob Holly. Holly finally made the tag to 1-2-3 Kid, Kid kicked ass until he got caught with a slam by Yoko and Yoko got the win to retain the titles.

WINNERS: Yokozuna and Owen Hart, retain the WWF Tag Titles by pinfall (15:50)

An Undertaker Drink and Drive ad, if you do these things, you will meet The Undertaker! Damn!

Henry O. Godwinn Vs Rich Myers

They are interviewing on the phone, Cornfed, a fucking CHARACTER OFF OF DUCKMAN, THEY ARE DOING THIS DURING THIS MATCH!!! THIS IS FUCKING AWFUL!! This is a fucking SHITTY prerecording too, I hate this!!!! Henry Godwinn won, that was a waste of my fucking time.

WINNER: Henry O. Godwinn by pinfall (1:59)

A WWF New Generation ad with a bunch of high class people having tea happened.

Vince and Lawler are talking about Alundra Blayze and her broken nose, Lawler mentions fucking DUCKMAN AGAIN WHY, oh and Diesel Vs Bam Bam for the WWF Title next week.

Final Thoughts

That ends it folks, that show pretty much sucked, but that’s not surprising, god I bet it was awful being a hardcore WWF fan in 1995 if they didn’t already jump ship by then.

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