Milkman Reviews #1 NXT UK #162

September 16th 2021
BT Sport Studios
Aired on da WWE Network
Report by Cody Milkman, Parts Unknown Press

Hey guys here’s my very in depth review of at the time of writing the most recent episode of NXT UK. As a NXT:UK expert this will be the only review you will ever need to read because my opinions are the only good ones.

Dar vs Williams: Heritage Cup Tournament

Match #1
We start off with Noam Dar and I think he’s pretty cool and cute and think he should do better than NXT UK and he wrestled some dude named Kenny Williams who apparently isn’t a piece of shit so this get’s a 10/10

Superstars line up to challenge Ilja Dragunov

We skip the next segment because fuck Sid Scala

Isla Dawn invades Jinny's dressing room

We skip the next segment because fuck Jinny

Moustache Mountain needs the Tag Team Titles

We skip the next segment because fuck Tyler Bate

Emilia McKenzie vs Stevie Turner

Match #2
Up next we get Emillia McKenzie vs Stevie Turner who I know as Bobbi Tyler in Stardom. This was cool because I like both wrestlers I guess. Bobbi Tyler rules and Emilia looked good so I guess I like her too

Wolfgang and Teoman look ahead to their match

We skip the next segment because fuck Wolfgang

Charlie Dempsey is coming soon

Charlie Dempsey has a video package and I immediately get excited until I’m told he’s William Regals kid and not Bull Dempsey’s kid. Shout out to Bull Fit. Fuck Bull James though he fucking sucks.

Blair Davenport attacks Stevie Turner

We skip the next segment because fuck Blair Davenport

Pretty Deadly vs Gallus: NXT UK Tag Titles

We skip the next match because fuck Joe Coffe

Show ends

Show get’s a 2.5357/10 because Noam Dar is cool and I wanna see more Noam Dar matches.

Make sure you tune in next time when I review something again I guess. I may review CZW X-SPELLED 2000 and maybe something else who knows. Thank you for reading and shout out to my friend Deathmatch Cowboy