My top 8 picks for NGI

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There’s a mystery person for NGI has a lot of excitement about it and I’m here to tell you my top 8 picks on who should be in the NGI

#8 Gangrel

David Heath - IMDb

I think Gangrel is cool so I want to see him wrestle

7) Tom’s customs


I want to see him get hit with a lighttube

#6 Garnet Neodonna

They are my friend and I want to see them booked

#5 Positive Lee


I promised him I’d write his name own

#4 Stepstool Sarah

Parts Unknown Press – The best wrestling content, direct from Parts Unknown

I want to see them hit a muscle buster

#3 One Warrior Nation


For my friend Rezzy Rez Rez

#2 Essa Rios

Essa Rios 2000 - "Dangerous River" WWE Entrance Theme - YouTube

I think he’s neat

#1 Me


I wanna get my ass kicked by Kit Osbourne

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