A new Australian National Promotion

Editors Note: At original time of publishing (5:19PM AEDT on November 17 2021) this article stated that the promotion had yet to add the Code of Conduct to their website. At around 6PM Rhi Bell said she would be posting that this week. Now, as of 9:40PM the same day, the Code of Conduct has […]

FMW-E Independence Day Review

FMW-E INDEPENDENCE DAYJULY 4 2021YOKOHAMA, JAPANAIRED ON ZAIKO.IOREPORT BY REALDEALJRH, PARTS UNKNOWN PRESS What better a way to kickoff a wrestling show than 20 minutes of stalling? Well that’s what we got here on FMW-E Independence Day! During that time we saw the OBS window. We saw shit get adjusted and tested. Hell, we even […]

YMZ The 8th Sunrise Review

YMZ THE 8TH SUNRISEJANUARY 1 2021TOKYO, JAPANAIRED ON YOUTUBEREPORT BY REALDEALJRH, PARTS UNKNOWN PRESS You’ve seen Jesse’s review of IMPACT, now it is time for my first review of the year! Not only is this my first review, but it’s also the first show I watched in 2021, YMZ’s The 8th Sunrise. For those not […]

My 2021 Professional Wrestling Predictions

After the success (well, relative success) of my 2020 Wrestling Predictions idea, I figured I’d do the same thing again this year! For 2021 I have come up with ten very bold, specific predictions. Some of these might come true, while others are so absurd or specific that there is NO WAY they are happening… […]

My 2020 Professional Wrestling Predictions – Results

Back on January 1st this year, I went onto my Twitter and posted 20 wild predictions for the world of professional wrestling in 2020 (as seen in this thread here). I figured I might as well see what the most absurd and outlandish prediction I could have come true would be. Now that the year […]