2021 Wrestling Predictions [RESULTS]

At the start of 2021, I gave ten very bold predictions for the year in professional wrestling, much in the style of Bryan Alvarez’s yearly bold prediction challenge. Now that the year is drawing to close, here are the results for my 2021 professional wrestling predictions! 1) Sting will wrestle in an AEW ring At […]

DPW To Offer Show’s Without Commentary

On the official DEADLOCK Patreon, the first episode of DPW Fire which aired on YouTube last week has been uploaded without commentary for patrons in the $25 a month DPW tier. In the post they stated the following: The inaugural episode of DPW Fire with no commentary track! We all here at DEADLOCK enjoy wrestling […]

DPW Fire Episode 2 Review

DPW FIREDECEMBER 23 2021 (TAPED DEC 11.) JACKSONVILLE, NC.AIRED ON YOUTUBEREPORT BY JRH, PARTS UNKNOWN PRESS Here it is, another review of the up and coming Deadlock Pro Wrestling, with DPW Fire Episode 2. If you missed last week’s review, be sure to check it out to see my thoughts on the show. As always, […]

VCW on NITV Episode 1 Review

VULCAN CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLINGDECEMBER 18 2021 (TAPED JUL 20 2019.) MARRICKVILLE, NSW, AUSTRALIAAIRED ON NITVREPORT BY JRH, PARTS UNKNOWN PRESS This week Vulcan Championship Wrestling made there TV debut on NITV… AND GOD, WHAT AN EXPERIENCE IT WAS~! Before we get into the show though, I should note that in a very Outback Championship Wrestling/Battle Championship […]

DPW Fire Episode 1 Review

DPW FIREDECEMBER 16 2021 (TAPED DEC 11.) JACKSONVILLE, NC.AIRED ON YOUTUBEREPORT BY JRH, PARTS UNKNOWN PRESS After months of teasing and a whole lot of hype, DEADLOCK Pro Wrestling is finally real. DPW Fire is finally here. If you want to watch the show for yourself, it is available for free on the DPW YouTube […]

Vulcan Championship Wrestling TV Deal

Vulcan Championship Wrestling, a New South Wales based wrestling promotion ran by former Australian Gladiator Vulcan (who was trained to wrestle by Boris and Dean Malenko) will be airing on NITV on Saturday December 18th at 6PM AEDT. Vulcan Championship Wrestling combines Pro Wrestling Action with hip hop music. NITV is National Indigenous Television, a […]

DMDU Peer Pressure From Dead People: Live Report

14:20 Deathmatch: Joel Bateman vs Will Walker A very fun opener with most of your favourite Deathmatch weapons, including a barbed wire Christmas tree. A fun back and forth which Joel won at 14:20. PosT match Walker says that Bateman has beaten him by fluke twice. He challenges him to a match in Geelong, but […]

Chris Jericho Maybe Taking Break From AEW

It is possible that Chris Jericho may be taking a lot of time off from AEW between December 2021 and May 2022. It had been reported by multiple wrestling websites in October that Jericho may be taking time off in December due to a Fozzy tour in the UK. Those reports also pointed out that […]

More Details on Renegades of Wrestling

As previously reported Mikey Jay and Criss Fresh will be running a brand new national promotion in Australia, the first proper attempt at a consistently ran national promotion in this country since Mark Lewin’s High Risk Championship Wrestling in 1999. Appearing on the November 11 2021 edition of the On The Turnbuckle podcast, Mikey and […]